Corrugation line

The corrugation line is characterized by high degree of automation, convenient operation and maintenance, high production efficiency, good cardboard quality, compact structure and beautiful appearance


Corrugation Line

Corrugated production line refers to the corrugated cardboard production unit, which is combined by different carton machines to produce 2/3/5/7 layers of corrugated cardboard.

According to the corrugated board production process, the corrugation line is composed of two relatively independent process sections: wet end equipment and dry end equipment.

  • Wet end equipment: Mill Roll Stand,Preheater, Single Facer, gluing machine, double facer machine, etc. The wet-end equipments converts the corrugated base paper into two, three, five and seven-layer corrugated cardboard with different flute types;
  • Dry-end equipment: Thin blade slitter scorer machine , cross cutting machine, stacking machine, etc., the dry end equipments will slitting, creasing, cross-cutting and stacking the corrugated cardboard according to the order requirements

corrugation machine


 Corrugation line for making different layer cardboard:




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