Auto splicer


Characterics of the auto splicer machine:

Splicing the paper:

1.Excellent high speed high success rate of paper splicing ability, low loss, high efficiency.
2.The paper splicing function automatically starts the splicing to avoid stopping when the paper breaks.

1. Paper roll replacement operation is simple and easy to understand, no need any experience.
2. High safety performance.

1. Less and simple maintenance, ensuring long-term low failure rate.

The most important control core function of the paper auto splicer:
Servo splicing and automatic paper feeding control

1.High precision full synchronous servo control 2 paper storage wheel systems. Synchronous servo response speed is fast, and the walking positioning accuracy is higher.
2.The linearity of the servo loop is good, so as to achieve precise control and excellent low-weight paper splicing ability.
3. Servo control mode, combined with tension control to achieve different speeds for different materials, to ensure the success rate of paper splicing.
4.Continuous control of paper tension ensures stable operation of the corrugator line and perfect product quality.
5. Accurate control of tension during paper splicing to avoid paper breakage and ensure continuous perfect quality of cardboard.


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