2 ply corrugated cardboard production line

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types of corrugatedsingle face cardboard

2-layer corrugated cardboard, also called single face board, as shown in the picture above, is composed of a layer of corrugated core paper and a layer of corrugated surface paper.

If you need to produce single face corrugated cardboard, the 2 ply corrugated cardboard production line can help you.

2 ply corrugated cardboard production line 1

Characteristics of the 2 ply corrugated cardboard production line:


1) The 2 Ply corrugated cardboard production line is designed to produce 2 ply corrugated paper sheet.

It is composed of the following machines:

hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand, paper trolley, preheater, fingerless type single facer, conveyor bridge, single corrugated slitting and cutting machine, carton stacker and so on.

We have a variety of single facer machines for you to choose from, please choose a suitable single facer according to your cardboard width, output and other requirements.


2) The base paper is fed into the shaftless mill roll stand, after it is heated and conditioned by the preheating cylinder, it enters the single facer, which is pressed into corrugated paper type, and then bonded with another base paper to form single-faced corrugated paper.

Then it is transported by the conveying bridge, reheated by the multi-layer preheater and glued by the gluer machine, and then glued by the double-sided corrugator. In this way, corrugated cardboard is produced. Corrugated cardboards are made into different sizes after slitting, scoring and spiral cutting by NC slitting machine, and stacked by stacking machine to the designated position of the warehouse.


3)The heating method can be selected from steam, electricity and liquefied petroleum gas heating system.

A, B, C, E or UV of corrugated flute type can be selected according to customer requirements.


Technical Parameter of 2 ply corrugated cardboard production line:

ModelWorking Speed (Meter/minute)Size


We can configure the most suitable 2 ply corrugated machine for you according to your requirements: cardboard width, production speed and other requirements.


If you need to produce 3 ply corrugated paper cardboard, you can add the flute laminator:

flute laminator





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