Quality Control


Quality control for carton box making machine & equipment is critical for optimizing efficiency and improving your bottom line. In the production process of carton box making machine & equipments, we strictly according to ISO standard and customer‘s requirements.

Quality Control & Inspection Process

Pre-production inspection:

Machinery Parts & Accessories Inspections:Inspection of assembly parts, specifications, materials, models;  inspection and supervision refer to current condition, dimensional specs, labels, instructions, documentation; safety and integrity of parts and the machinery, and lines layout.

Live Inspection & Production Supervision:

Strict and meticulous assembly,inspection and supervision refer to welding, nondestructive inspection, machinery, electrical, material, structure, etc.

After-production inspection & test:

Whether the performance indicators meet design specifications; reliability of safety features and function, verification of specs; verification of compliance with industry, regulatory, and certification body requirements;power-on self-test,etc.

Loading/Unloading Supervision:

from container loading at the factory to cargo and port loading services to monitor the processes according to shipping requirements.

Installation and machine test:

Professional engineers install and debug the machine to ensure the safe and stable operation of the machine

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