3 Ply corrugated board production line

The 3 ply corrugated board production line is suitable for large number of highly automated production, and can produce high quality cardboard.


3 Ply Corrugated Board Production Line



1) The 3 layer corrugated board production line is the key production equipment for corrugated carton box production enterprises, which includes several important components such as wet end equipment, dry end equipment, and production management system.

2) The 3 ply corrugated board production line is composed of the following machines:

Electric /hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand, preheater, single facer corrugated, overhead conveyor bridge, double preheater, gluing machine, double facer, slitter scorer, cross cutter, NC cutting machine, and stacker, etc.

3)  Use corn starch glue to corrugate and glue kraft paper rolls, continuously produce, cut, crease and cut into 3 layers of corrugated cardboard, and then convey, stack and output, Achieved high-speed and efficient flow process.

4) The effective width of corrugated cardboard is 1400mm-2500mm, and the production speed is 70m/min-300m/min. It is an ideal equipment for corrugated paper box manufacturers.



1) Cardboard box assembly machine, Work continuously, is suitable for a large number of highly automated production, and can produce high-quality corrugated boxes and corrugated cardboard.

2) Higher productivity, better paperboard quality, using a central control system, simple and convenient operation, convenient repair and maintenance, reliable and safe, and greatly reduced the labor demand.

3) The latest energy-saving mode is adopted, which reduces energy consumption by 60%. Compared with steam heating, it can effectively reduce costs.

Technical Parameter:

ModelWorking Speed (Meter/minute)Paper width/mm

The paperboards that can be produced are as follows:

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Advantage of the 3 ply corrugated board production line:

  1. This 3 layer corrugated cardboard line is suitable for mass automated production.
  2. The corrugated cardboard produced meets the standards, has high production efficiency, good cardboard quality, centralized control, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and reliable.
  3. This 3 ply corrugated production line greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. Today’s economical products are suitable for large and medium-sized carton factories.