How to choose a folder gluer machine

When purchasing a folder gluer machine, an enterprise should proceed from its own actual situation and choose the folder gluer equipment products according to the production capacity, the thickness and width of the processed cardboard, and the type of carton.

  1. Consider your own comprehensive processing capacity, such as how many square meters of cardboard boxes are produced annually;
  2. The structure of the product. This is very important. If there are few varieties, large batches, standard folding into a box, the plant area is also spacious, and there is a high-speed printing and slotting unit, you should choose a Fully Automatic Carton Folder Gluer Machine unit;
  3. If it is a small and medium-sized carton enterprise and the product structure is very complicated (referring to a variety of varieties, including ink printing cartons and offset printing color cartons), then choose the semi-automatic folder gluer. Because it can glue two-piece boxes and special-shaped boxes, it has a wide range of applications;
  4. Such as not producing offset printing color boxes at all and all are one piece into a box, so you should choose a semi-automatic folder gluer. It can fully guarantee the needs of production.