How To Choose A Right Folder Gluer Machine

The folder gluer machine is an essential machine in a carton factory. Looking around us, many cartons are made of different shape of cardboard by sticking. So, for carton factories or end users who want to buy a folder gluer, among the many models, how to choose a suitable machine?

When purchasing a folder gluer, you should proceed from your own actual situation and choose a folder gluer according to the production capacity, the thickness and width of the processed cardboard, and the type of carton.

boxes processed by folder gluer machine

1) First of all, the output of the factory needs to be considered. How big is your factory? What is the daily or monthly carton output? What are the daily working hours? This is very important. If you produce few varieties, large batches, standard-shaped cartons, a spacious workshop, and high-speed printing and slotting units, then a fully automatic carton folder gluer is a good choice. This auto carton folder gluer machine produces quickly and efficiently and saves labor costs. , can help you greatly improve production efficiency;

2) If you produce many varieties, large output, and special-shaped cartons, our fully automatic folder-gluer specially for special-shaped cartons can meet your needs;

3) If it is a small and medium-sized carton factory with complex product structure and low output requirements, then it is definitely right to choose a semi-automatic pressing type box gluer;

4) If it is a small and medium-sized carton factory, the cartons are standard-shaped cartons, and the output requirements are not high, then our semi-automatic carton folder gluer machine is your best choice;

So, now you know which machine is more suitable for your needs?