Semi-automatic Folder Gluer

Save labor, the maximum speed of machine is 56 m/min, the efficiency is 3-4 times than manually operated.


Folder Gluer Semi-automatic

Semi-automatic press fit type folder gluer

The semi-automatic press fit type folder gluer machine is newly developed according to the needs of users for small and medium orders.

It is suitable for sticking on the following cartons:

  •  It is very suitable for the production of small batches and the replacement of varieties.
  • Wide range of applications, ordinary carton, The special-shaped color box can be bonded to a single pcs. After adding an automatic glue spraying device, it can also be used for making a lock bottom carton and lid & base box.
  • Since this machine adopts manual folding, it can improve the work efficiency and is also suitable for products with irregular indentation lines, special shapes and boxes with windows that are not easy to be processed by the automatic box gluing machine.


  • The machine just needs small place, easy to operate, only minimal training required, no need for skilled labour. Change from one design box to nest in seconds, ideal for small batch production and variety of replacement.
  • Save glue, just need 1/3 glue than manual gluing.
  • Save labor, the maximum speed of machine is 56 m/min, the efficiency is 3-4 times than manually operated.
  • Carton box bonded firmly, tidy and no excess glue. Double head grinder can be very good to polish the sticky part, to remove UV light plastic film or coating layer from the sticky part before gluing, improving adhesion of glue. You don’t need to worry about carton easy to open.
  • The folding unit is manually, improving work efficiency and making better creasing.
  • Applicable industries: food, toys, tobacco and alcohol, catering, medicine, gifts, handicrafts. The press-type folder gluer is suitable for packaging boxes such as fruit juice beverage boxes, carbonated beverage boxes, fresh milk boxes, milk tea boxes, yogurt boxes, cigarettes, etc. As long as the glue side is in one line, it can be suitable for all special box gluing; For small size boxes, we can make two pieces at the same time. If you Just for standard box gluing, pls check Semi auto type and Fully auto folder gluer.

Technical parameter:

Overall Size/mm2300*2500*13002300*2900*13002300*3100*1300
Max size of box/mm1800*11002200*11002500*1100
Min size of box/mm200*2600200*2600200*2600