The important role of single facer

single facer corrugated machine

The single facer corrugated machine is one of the important equipment of the corrugated box production line. It is a mechanical equipment for the production of corrugated core paper (a special name for corrugated paper in cardboard). In the corrugated packaging industry, it is known as the heart of the “corrugated cardboard production line”. Main…

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The important role of carton packaging machinery

carton packaging

Carton packaging machinery is playing a pivotal role in the packaging field, and its main functions are as follows: It can reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions. Manual packaging is labor-intensive. For example, manual packaging of bulky and heavy products consumes energy and is not safe. For light and small products, due to the…

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Feature of 5-ply corrugated board production line

5 ply corrugated cardboard production line

The 5-ply corrugated board production line is a production line consisting of preheating, corrugating, gluing, gelatinization, bonding, drying, shaping, pressing, slitting, and cutting into the required specifications of cardboard. It is divided into high, medium and low grades, speed ranging from 80~250m/min, cardboard width ranging from 1400~2500mm, etc., which can be selected by customers. This assembly line…

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Where can i buy used carton machine?

used carton machine

Second-hand carton machinery is also called used carton machine. Because it comes from big brand, has high configuration, low price, and faster delivery time than new machines, it is currently well received by customers in domestic and foreign markets. So where can I purchase second-hand carton machinery? Shop around, why not come to our factory…

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Carton Stitching Machine

副本 1

The corrugated carton stitching machine is one of the subsequent processing equipment of the carton. Its principle is same as the ordinary stapler, except that the carton stitching machine uses tiger teeth as a backing plate, and is specially used for carton sealing. This series of products have the advantages of light weight, easy operation,…

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Difference of semi-automatic and automatic carton stitcher

carton stitching machine

In the carton forming process, automatic and semi-automatic carton stitcher are generally used for carton binding. Do you know the difference between them? The difference between the fully-automatic carton stitcher and the semi-automatic carton stitcher is that : the corrugated cardboard of the automatic box stitching machine is automatically fed, and the cardboard is folded…

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What is the price of corrugated box making machine

corrugated box making machine

If you want to open a carton machinery factory, then you may ask: What machinery and equipment are needed to produce cartons? What is the price of corrugated box making machine? Let us answer for you today. According to different materials, carton boxes include corrugated boxes and single-layer cardboard boxes. Then we take the corrugated…

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How to choose a packaging carton

Packaging carton 1

Packaging cartons are made of paper products and are used to pack various items. In production and life, it can facilitate our lives, so how do we choose it? Today, I will share with you a few ways to choose a packaging cartons. When choosing a packaging carton, you must first clarify your needs. There…

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