Single Facer Corrugation Machine

When it comes to the production of corrugated cardboard, one of the most important machines in the process is the single facer corrugation machine. This machine is responsible for creating the fluted layer of the cardboard, which gives it its strength and rigidity.

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About The Single Facer Corrugation Machine

The single facer corrugation machine is a vital equipment in the corrugated cardboard manufacturing process. It consists of two main parts: the corrugated rollers and the pressure rollers. The corrugated rollers are responsible for creating the fluted types on the cardboard, while the pressure rollers help to ensure that the flutes are properly adhered to the linerboard.

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ØStructural features:

♦Adopt vacuum suction structure, with high pressure strong blower.

♦Heating method: steam,oil,electric

♦base and wallboard cast iron wall,Wallboard thickness130mm.universal Joints.

♦corrugated roller material adopt 48CrMo Alloy steel

♦pressure roller 284mm,surface grinding and chrome-plated;cylinder control and remove up and down, 45 carbon steel materials, quenching (with cushioning devices).

♦pneumatic control glue to glue back, glue roller diameter 215mm,Engraved polished surface after a 36-line pit style textured machined chrome plated,after scraping the roller surface polished hard chrome plated.

♦Corrugated roller, pressure roller materials provided by the Central Plains Steel,High on corrugating unilateral 0.15mm, 0.075mm high pressure roller unilateral. Plus stopper. 160mm cylinder with compression cylinder.

♦preheat roll adopt seamless steel pipe production by tiangang ¢ 300mm,connecting with metal Hose.


Technical parameters:

1,Effective width:1400-1800mm

2,Operation direction:left or right(determined in accordance with customer requirement)

3,Design speed: 100m/min working speed: 60-80 m/min

4,Temperature range:200—260℃

5,Corrugated flute: A/C/B/E


Roller diameters parameters:

1,Diameter of corrugated roller: 280mm

2,Diameter of pressure roller: 284mm

3,Diameter of glue roller: 216mm

4,Diameter of preheat roller: 320mm

5,Voltage: 380V/50HZ (Or as your requirement)

6,Corrugated Rollers Surface Treating: Tungsten Carbide/Hard chrome

What factors need to consider before buying the single facer corrugation machine?

Choosing the right single facer is essential to producing high-quality corrugated board. This critical machine forms the fluting layer of the corrugated board and bonds it to the liner. Making the right decision requires careful consideration of several factors, including production speed, fluting type, machine size, durability and reliability, and maintenance and support.

Production Speed
One of the first aspects to consider when choosing a single facer corrugation machine is the production speed. The efficiency of the line depends largely on the speed at which the single facer can run. Higher speeds can increase production, which is especially important for large-volume production. However, make sure that the speed does not affect the quality of the corrugated board.

Fluting Type
The type of fluting is another critical factor. Different applications require different fluting types, such as A-flute, B-flute, C-flute, or E-flute. The choice will depend on the strength and cushioning requirements of the corrugated board. Make sure the single facer corrugation machine you choose can accommodate the fluting type that best meets your product specifications.

Machine Size
Machine size is an important consideration, especially if your production facility has limited space. Single-facers come in a variety of sizes, and it is critical to choose one that fits your available space without compromising performance. Measure your available space and ensure that the machine you choose will fit comfortably within your production layout.

Durability and Reliability
Durability and reliability are critical for any industrial equipment. A sturdy single facer corrugation machine will ensure consistent performance over the long term, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Look for machines that are made from high-quality materials and that have a proven track record.

Maintenance and Support
Finally, consider the maintenance and support services offered by the manufacturer. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your single-facer running smoothly. Choose a manufacturer that offers a comprehensive support service, including training, spare parts availability, and timely technical assistance.


In summary, choosing the right single-facer machine requires evaluating production speed, fluting type, machine size, durability and reliability, and the availability of maintenance and support. By considering these factors, you can ensure that your choice will produce high-quality corrugated board that efficiently meets your specific requirements. Contact with us for details NOW: