Difference of semi-auto and auto carton stitcher

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In the carton forming process, semi-automatic and auto carton stitcher are generally used for carton binding. Do you know the difference between them?

Difference between the semi-auto and auto carton stitcher:

The corrugated cardboard of the automatic box stitching machine is automatically fed, and the cardboard is folded by the paper feeding mechanism and fed into the nail box for nailing, which can greatly reduce the operation time labor intensity.

However, the semi-auto stitcher carton machine manually folds the cardboard and sends it into the head nail box, which is relatively labor-intensive. Semi-automatic carton stitching machine is generally horizontal structure, divided into two types of carton box single piece stitcher machine and double piece carton box stitching machine. Among them, single piece box stitching machine can only be limited to cartons formed by order sheets, while double-piece box stitching machine structure is more complicated, and its functions are relatively complete. It can order one-piece cartons and two-piece formed cartons.

Therefore, when purchasing a cartonstitching machine, you must consider the product structure, production characteristics and long-term development trends according to the actual situation of the factory. Generally speaking, for long-term products and cartons with relatively fixed specifications, a high-speed and fully automatic carton stitcher should be used; for cartons that have both single-piece and two-piece forming, a semi-automatic two-piece carton stitching machine should be used; if the factory has a relatively large production scale, with many varieties and complex cartons, you can consider purchasing several automatic and semi auto stitcher carton machine of different models, so that it has flexibility and complementarity in production scheduling and can better meet production requirements.