Why You Need A Corrugated Box Machine

With its unique advantages in environmental protection and economy, corrugated boxes have become recognized as “green packaging products” and are one of the most widely used packaging forms in modern commerce and trade. So do you know what fields can be used for corrugated boxes? What carton packing machine is in high demand?


With the further development of China’s economy, the renewal speed of carton packaging enterprises is accelerating. The carton will develop towards high-end and low quantity, and the corrugated cardboard production line will develop towards wide, high-speed, high-precision and fully automatic direction. The water-based printing slotting machine will develop in the direction of multi-color, high-speed, high-precision flexible printing, which will drive the development of printing die-cutting technology.

In addition to packing a large number of daily necessities in cartons, most of today’s motorcycles, machinery, instruments, furniture, aquatic products, fruits, etc. are also packed in cartons. Industry insiders believe that with the attention to environmental protection at home and abroad, the domestic circular economy has promoted the development of green packaging, and the large-scale promotion of replacing wood and plastic with paper will promote the use of a large number of paper packaging products. In recent years, the carton packaging machinery industry has developed rapidly and has systematically consolidated its leading position. In 2004, its output value increased by more than 3% to 4.2 billion euros.

In the past few years, due to several favorable factors, the market demand for carton packing machine has greatly increased. In addition to improving the price competitiveness of products due to higher exchange rates, this is also due to the improvement of export conditions and the improvement of the overall economic environment. But the most important thing is that carton packing machine companies pay more attention to cost-effectiveness.

With the rapid development of the entire carton industry, the development of complete sets of equipment in the corrugated carton packaging machinery industry will surely lead. In recent years, the manufacturing level of the carton machinery industry has improved to a certain extent. The general trend of development is the intelligentization of machinery, and new intelligent products will bring huge benefits. Suppliers will work to develop more cost-effective solutions for customers. Reduce production costs and make production more flexible, so that customers can achieve return on investment in a shorter time.

There are five main types of packaging machinery that are in high demand in the domestic and foreign markets: including a complete set of corrugated box equipment, processing and packaging machinery, a complete set of food machinery and equipment, a complete set of equipment for beer and beverage cans, and fruit and vegetable processing and fresh-keeping packaging equipment. Among them, the complete set of corrugated box equipment ranks first among the five types of products.

The whole set of corrugated box equipment is the leader in the packaging industry, and there are nearly 10,000 large corrugated box packaging enterprises. The global demand for carton packaging machinery is approximately 19 billion Euros. In the past ten years, the domestic demand for complete sets of printing equipment for corrugated boxes has been strong and has developed rapidly. China’s corrugated box packaging machinery has been exported to Asia, Africa, Europe and other regions.