5 Advantages of flexo printing machine in packaging

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the rapid development of society and economy, the requirements for environmental protection in various places have become higher and higher. The requirements of printing factories for production efficiency are increasing year by year. As green and environmentally friendly printing, the application of flexo printing machine in the field of flexible packaging is on the rise. It is mainly used in paper and composite packaging films, various cartons, paper cups, paper bags, and heavy-duty packaging films and other fields.
According to the “2017 China CI Research Report”, due to the liberalization of the national second-child policy and the rapid growth of exports to the African market, the printing volume of breathable films for diapers and sanitary napkins continues to grow rapidly. In this application segment, satellite flexo printing machine has completely defeated gravure printing machine, leading to the rapid development of satellite flexo printing in the breathable film market.

Flexo printing machine currently has the following advantages in domestic soft packaging:

(1) Satellite-type flexo printing presses have a wide range of printing materials, especially easy-to-stretch materials, which are suitable for flexible packaging printing, occupying more than 70% of the European and American markets;
(2) Satellite flexo printing machine has high precision, stable lifting speed and less waste;
(3) The amount of ink in flexographic printing is one-third to one-half of that of gravure printing. Satellite flexo printing adopts water-based ink printing technology to be more mature, fast in production, and easy to realize automatic cleaning function;
(4) The satellite type adopts a closed ink supply system and ceramic anilox rollers to transfer the ink, and the ink is stable, the ink transfer is accurate, and the printing is stable;
(5) The use of flexographic printing supporting technology is becoming more and more mature, and the overall cost is getting lower and lower.
According to the American Flexo Printing Technology Association (FTA), in the future, as the foreign flexible packaging industry needs a large number of flexographic printing products, the proportion of flexo printing in the packaging field will further increase. At present, the United States has exceeded 70%, and Western Europe and Australia have both advanced to 50%. This development trend is determined by the special strengths and advantages of flexographic printing technology. Especially flexo printing can meet environmental protection requirements, which is the general trend.

In response to changing market demands, the future development trends of some domestic soft package printing companies are roughly as follows:
1) Increase the market share of domestic pure water-based ink flexographic printing presses, reduce environmental pollution, reduce losses and costs;
2) With the support of the government, flexible packaging color printing enterprises should continue to invest in environmental protection, recycling, and energy-saving resources, take responsibility for society, make corresponding contributions to human environmental protection, and improve their public image.
3) In participating in the global environmental protection process, soft package color printing companies should continue to place strict requirements on companies, enhance their competitiveness, go abroad, and participate in the global flexible packaging market; provide green and pollution-free materials for global brand companies and brand products, Improve international environmental competitiveness.