Flexo printing machine

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the rapid development of society and economy, the requirements for environmental protection in various places have become higher and higher. The requirements of printing factories for production efficiency are increasing year by year. As green and environmentally friendly printing, the application of flexo printing machine in the field of flexible packaging is on the rise. It is mainly used in paper and composite packaging films, various cartons, paper cups, paper bags, and heavy-duty packaging films and other fields.

Today let’s recommend one of our flexo printing machines, which is most welcomed in the carton factories:

high speed flexo printing machine 副本

High speed 4 color flexo printing machine with slotting and die cutting part

Feeding method: Lead Edge Feeding

Feeding size: 1400*2600mm (The size can be produced according to your requirement)

Working speed: 150 pcs/min

Processable cardboard thickness:2-11mm

Optional: ceramic roller & doctor blade can be installed as per your production need

Advantages of the flexo printing machine: stable performance of the whole machine, high printing quality, with slotting and die-cutting functions, can complete printing, slotting, die-cutting and other requirements at one time, and help you produce exquisite cartons

Which factories are suitable: cardboard factories, carton factories, various end-user factories

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