4 color printer slotter die cutter machine

4-color printing slotting die-cutting machine, with a variety of models and sizes for you to choose from, to help you produce the most exquisite carton products.


Characterics of The 4 color printer slotter die cutter machine:

1) The electrical appliances and computer software of the whole machine adopt international brands, such as Schneider, Omron and Siemens. Stable and reliable quality; using man-machine interface, computer order management, easy to operate.

2) The wall panels and important parts of the whole machine are all treated by aging, and tempered to eliminate the internal stress of the metal; the CNC grinding machine is used for grinding and processing, and they are all produced by a high-precision machining center.

3) The shafts and rollers of the whole machine are made of steel, with high-precision computerized dynamic balance correction, grinding, and hard chrome plating on the surface.

4) The transmission gears of the whole machine are all made of 20CrMnTi alloy steel, carburized and quenched, and the hardness is HRC58~62; after grinding, the precision is grade 6, which ensures high color registration precision for long-term use.

5) The transmission parts of the whole machine (the connection between the shaft and the teeth) are all connected by a keyless connection (expansion sleeve), which eliminates the connection gap and is suitable for long-term high-speed operation with large torque.

6) The transmission bearing of the 4 color printer slotter die cutter machine, the main transmission components are all made of three domestic brands: “Havalo”, and the key parts are of the Japanese “NSK” brand, which is easy to maintain and has a longer service life.

Technical Data Of The 4 Color Printer Slotter Die Cutter Machine:

Machine Model0920122414241626
Design working speed
Max Feeding Size/mm900*21001200*25001400*25001600*2700
Min Feeding Size/mm300*500360*600430*600430*600
Max Printing Area/mm900*20001200*24001400*24001600*2600
Feeding Precision±1±1±1±1
Printing Precision±0.5±0.5±0.5±0.5
Thickness Of Printing Plate/mm7.
Min slotting spacing/mmpositive knife130*130*130*130140*140*140*140150*150*150*150150*150*150*150
negative knife230*65*230*65240*70*240*70240*75*240*75240*75*240*75
Max slotting depth/mm230300360400
Slotting Precision±1±1±1±1
Max Die Cutting Size/mm900*20001200*24001400*24001600*2600
Die cutting precision±1±1±1±1

Useage of the 4 color printer slotter die cutter machine:

Complete 3/5/7 layers of corrugated cardboard printing, slotting, die cutting, suitable for carton factory, fruit packaging, vegetable packaging, food packaging, beverage packaging, toy packaging, small home appliance packaging and other industries.


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