Feature of 5-ply corrugated board production line

The 5-ply corrugated board production line is a corrugated board production line consisting of preheating, corrugating, gluing, gelatinization, bonding, drying, shaping, pressing, slitting, and cutting into the required specifications of cardboard. It is divided into high, medium and low grades, speed ranging from 80~250m/min, cardboard width ranging from 1400~2500mm, etc., which can be selected by customers.

This assembly line is suitable for mass automated production and can produce excellent corrugated cardboard that meets the standards. It has high production efficiency and good cardboard quality. It adopts centralized control, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and reliability, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. This production line adopts the current new energy-saving method and uses high-temperature heat transfer oil to provide the heat source for the whole machine. Compared with steam heating, it saves more than 40% of energy, greatly reduces energy consumption and reduces production costs. It is an economical ideal product today, suitable for large and medium-sized cartons Factory use.