Corrugated Roller

High hardness, good wear resistance, can be customized.



Corrugated Roller For Corrugated cardboard production line and Single Facer

corrugating roller


1.Electronic simulation, accurate calculation. The computer dynamically simulates the meshing of the corrugating roller’s teeth, measures the center variation range of the corrugating roller in motion, and optimizes the corrugated shape to reduce the vibration and noise of the corrugating roller during operation, which is more suitable for the tungsten carbide corrugating rollers.

2. Software mapping, real-time optimization. Excellent corrugated roll flute design software, real-time proportional magnification to draw flute pattern, optimize flute parameters, and ensure the economy and reliability of corrugated roll flute.

3. Multiple high-speed grinding. The gantry type fully closed-loop CNC corrugated roll special precision grinding machine can grind the corrugated roll at high speed for many times.

4. Select high-quality alloy steel precision forgings. The high-quality 50CrMoA alloy steel precision forgings are selected and heat-treated for many times to ensure the thermal stability of the corrugating roller during operation.

5. Intermediate frequency induction heat treatment process. Using the medium frequency induction heat treatment process, the quenching hardness of the corrugated roll base is above HRC58, and the notch hardness is uniform without soft bands, which is especially important for tungsten carbide corrugated rolls.

6. Benchmark exchange for multiple processing. The inner and outer circles are processed multiple times by using the datum interchange to obtain the corrugating roller with uniform wall thickness and excellent balance accuracy.

7. Micro-crack electroplating process. The chrome-plated corrugating roller adopts a micro-crack electroplating process to obtain a smoother and more wear-resistant hard chrome layer.

8. Supersonic spraying. The tungsten carbide corrugated roller is sprayed with supersonic speed to obtain a tungsten carbide wear-resistant coating with a hardness of HV>1300, second only to diamond.

Technical parameter:

Flute typeFlute shapeFlute height/mmTeeth space/mmNumber of edgesShrinkage

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Useage of the corrugated roller:

Our corrugated rollers are widely used in papermaking, printing, copying, textile, rubber, plastic, chemical fiber and other industrial processing, such as preheating, drying, molding, lamination, imprinting, lamination, etc.



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