Lazy Man’s Guide To Printer Slotter Stacker Operation

Everyone knows that the operating specifications of Printer Slotter Stacker are very important. Many manufacturers ask if they can learn how to operate the printer slotter stacker if they have not been exposed to this machine before. Below we provide you with a quick tutorial.

Printer Slotter Stacker’s pre-production operation specifications

First, machine inspection work

  1. Perform the following routine checks on Printer Slotter Stacker;
    (1) Check whether there are other items in the unit and the workbench.
    (2) Check whether each oil level is normal.
    (3) Wipe and check whether the printing plate is damaged.
    (4) Run the machine to check for abnormal noise.
    (5) Each lubrication point must be oiled once.
  2. Understand the operating status of Printer Slotter Stacker, run the machine to check for abnormal noise.

Second, production preparation

  1. Check the handover record,
  2. After receiving the production designation form, first check whether the designation form is correct and understand the process requirements, production quantity and precautions of the products to be produced. The jobs printed in two shifts should be marked on the printing surface in order to trace the quality problems.
  3. Prepare the original and auxiliary materials according to the designated list.
  4. Read the product designation sheet carefully to understand whether the product has special requirements, such as:
    (1) Whether online glazing is required;
    (2) Whether die-cutting and die-cutting requirements;
    (3) Is there any requirement for printing color order;
    (4) Verify whether to print first or touch the line first;
  5. Check the cardboard production situation to see if it is necessary to print in batches to avoid defective products; (It is strictly forbidden to sit on the cardboard or press it by hand, so as to avoid partial depressions and affect printing)
  6. Set the ink volume and ink viscosity according to the printing color needs in advance;
  7. Correctly adjust the machine pressure, printing speed, slotting position, and arrange the color sequence reasonably.

Third. Operation specification in production

  1. The Printer Slotter Stacker turns on and feeds paper, produces one or two cardboard sheets, passes the inspection, and starts mass production.
  2. Check the following aspects of the packaging box with reference to the approved draft or approved real sample:
    (1) Graphic location;
    (2) Glazing position;
    (3) Box size;
    (4) Whether the graphics and text are complete
  3. The following methods are adopted for the inspection of graphics and text:
    (1) Unauthorized check (beyond the signature draft) read through line by line; avoid errors in the signature draft itself;
    (2) Check according to the signed draft or sample;
  4. During the production process, spot check at any time to check whether there is shifting, whether there is color difference, whether the graphics and text are clear and lacking, whether there are burrs or tears in the slotting forming knife, whether the cover is formed with overlapping seams, whether the pressure line is correct, and the pressure is it suitable. If there are quality problems, they should be dealt with in time, and the defects should be marked to facilitate the later process to detect them.
  5. During the process of loading the cardboard, the employees of the cardboard loading strictly inspect and control the quality of the cardboard. If the cardboard is found to be blistered, bent, exposed, or torn, it needs to be detected for other uses.
  6. If the following problems are found, the machine should be shut down immediately:
    (1) There is a large color difference and no ink phenomenon;
    (2) Defects of graphics and text or problems with the printing plate;
    (3) The printing surface is dirty;
    (4) Machine failure;
  7. Observe whether there is any problem with the machine at any time during production, and guarantee it in time.
  8. If it is found that the material problem cannot be solved on the spot, the production should be stopped and reported to the quality inspector for the relevant department to solve it and prepare for the follow-up production.

Fourth. Operation specification after the end of production

  1. Separate the printed qualified products from the products to be inspected and mark them clearly.
  2. The captain arranges personnel to clean and maintain the machine in accordance with the “Machine Maintenance System”.
  3. Cut off the power and air flow.

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