Ultimate Guide To Maintain Carton Rotary Die Cutting Machine

With the improvement of the quality of printed packaging products, Carton Rotary Die Cutting Machine has been more and more widely used in the paper packaging and printing industry. However, due to the lack of maintenance knowledge of the operators, the machine has many failures, which directly affects the normal operation of the production and increases the production cost. This not only disrupts the production schedule, but also has a great impact on the delivery date.

In order to further improve the operating technology of the Carton Rotary Die Cutting Machine and improve the modern operation level, some maintenance points of the box die cutter are summarized for everyone to share.

First of all, the operator must pay attention to dust and cleanliness. In actual production, a large amount of waste paper edges and paper lint will be generated when die-cutting the carton, which will enter the chain transmission part, die-cutting platform and some rotating parts if you are not careful, It may also block the photoelectric sensor head, etc. and cause malfunctions. Therefore, the cleaning of the body of the die-cutting machine must be the first priority, and then the trouble-free operation of the machine can be ensured.

Secondly, the oil change of the carton rotary die cutting machine. The main action of the die-cutting machine is that the main motor drives the slide bars and pulleys, and then drives the four toggle bars to move. It can reach 6000 sheets per hour in high-speed work. It is very troublesome if there is no good lubrication and cooling. Maintenance of the machine is what every operator must do.

Because the machine is not well maintained, it will increase maintenance costs and increase business expenses; secondly, it will cause great damage to the machine and shorten the service life of the machine; the three will affect operation and delay production. Machine failure will definitely affect the operator’s mood and delivery deadlines.

Lubrication maintenance is divided into daily warranty, weekly warranty and monthly warranty, as follows:

Daily lubrication

  1. Lubricate the side gauges, gears, cam stroke bearings, pressing rod action, feeder head cams and direction joints and other parts with oil.
  2. The main chain is lubricated, and the automatic lubrication device maintains the oil level and oil number.

Weekly lubrication

  1. Add oil and grease to the front gauge adjustment device.
  2. Add oil to the front gauge and cam, add chain oil to the gauge drive chain, and add butter to the spring.
  3. Add oil to the lifting cam of the feeder part and butter to the spring.
  4. Add chain oil to the drive chain of the feeder department.
  5. SS type waste removal opening and closing mechanism is lubricated and oiled.
  6. Add oil to the upper template shrinking device.
  7. SS type waste removal reciprocating movement parts: A: spring and butter, B: shaft section and oil
  8. Add oil to the tooth row.
  9. Add butter to the feeding cam group.
  10. Add engine oil to the front flush section of the delivery section.
  11. Add engine oil to the left and right paper aligning device of the delivery section.
  12. Add oil to the pressure regulating chain.
  13. Wipe the body at least twice a week to remove dust.

Monthly lubrication

  1. Grease the clutch.
  2. Add oil to the cam device of the second home block; add butter to the spring.
  3. Add butter to the sprocket tension device of the delivery section.
  4. Add butter to the guide shaft of the SS type waste removal reciprocating movement part.
  5. SS type waste removal opening and closing mechanism is lubricated and greased.


  1. The main transmission room is lubricated, and the oil is changed at most once every six months, which is determined by the clarity of the window oil.
  2. The angle divider is lubricated once every six months.
  3. Air compressor lubrication, add once every three months.

Finally, the common faults of the carton rotary die cutting machine should be eliminated in time. In terms of machinery, the common failure of the automatic flat die cutting machine is the phenomenon of platform slanting. In this case, most of the foreign matter falls into the die-cutting position.

Generally, the position of the two taper blocks under the drag shaft should be adopted, and at the same time, the platform should be rotated to the upper limit point. At this time, detect its relative position to the upper net platform to ensure the distance between the four angles of the movable platform and the upper net platform (where the die-cutting board is clamped), so that the problem can be solved.

Electrical faults include: Because the central control system of the automatic die-cutting machine uses a programmable logic controller (PLC), the electrical switches and output actions of the main detection points start from this, and the internal program of the PLC is a ladder logic diagram.