How to choose a packaging carton

Packaging cartons are made of paper products and are used to pack various items. In production and life, it can facilitate our lives, so how do we choose it? Today, I will share with you a few ways to choose a packaging cartons.

Packaging carton 1

When choosing a packaging carton, you must first clarify your needs.

There are many types of packaging carton, such as corrugated boxes, honeycomb cartons, and single-layer cardboard cartons. Different packaging cartons have different uses. We need to choose the right packing carton based on the goods we transport and pack.

To judge the quality of the packaging carton, you need to observe the material of the packaging carton. The quality of the packaging carton varies according to the quality of the material. We can observe externally whether the material is turbid, whether there are debris, and whether the texture is strong.

Secondly, we must check whether the indicators of the packaging carton meet the standards, such as whether the compression resistance, side pressure capability, adhesive strength, and shock resistance of the packaging carton meet the requirements. These are the basic requirements for qualified carton. These standards are measured to determine whether the carton meets our requirements.

Finally, we must consider and observe the moisture resistance of the packaging carton. This is an important function of the packaging carton. If the packaging carton is susceptible to moisture, it will not only affect the quality of the products we store, but also cause many unnecessary losses. Have you learned how to choose a packaging carton? We need to consider all aspects to choose the packaging carton that meets our requirements.