Cracking The Flexo Printer Rotary Die Cutter Purchase Secret

Flexo printer rotary die cutter, as the name suggests, is generally a machine used for corrugated box printing and die-cutting composed of paper feeding part, printing part and die-cutting part.

flexo printer rotary die cutter

Automatic & semi-automatic flexo printer rotary die cutter

The flexo printer & rotary die cutter are divided into automatic and semi-automatic.

Semi-automatic printing die-cutting machine generally adopts chain feeding method, which requires manual paper feeding. Compared with automatic printing die-cutting machine, the speed is slower(Design working speed is usually 60 pieces/minute, However, affected by the speed of the operator’s paper feeding, the actual working speed maybe 40-60 pieces/minute.), but the price is relatively cheap. It is suitable for small factories with low output requirements and customers with limited budget.

Fully automatic flexo printer rotary die cutter, the paper feeding method is leading-edge paper feeding, no manual feeding is required, and the whole process of high-speed automatic feeding, not only saves labor costs and time, but also greatly improves work efficiency.

The price of auto machine is higher than the semi-automatic flexo printer rotary die cutter, but compared to the labor cost, time cost, and production efficiency saved, it is more cost-effective. The working speed of the automatic flexo printing rotary die-cutting machines is 100~300 pcs/minute, It is suitable for large and medium-sized carton factories and other companies in various industries that require carton packaging.

In addition, we also have a full vacuum transfer flexo printer rotary die cutter. This machine adopts advanced vacuum absorption conveying method, the air volume conveys the cardboard, the cardboard transfer is stable, and the printing color is more accurate.

The bellows damper can be automatically adjusted according to the cardboard specifications, ensuring the transmission of light and thin cardboard, curved cardboard and low-quality cardboard , Make the cardboard zero pressure and zero damage. It is the best choice for large carton factories, brand manufacturers and high-end agents.

Different printing groups of the flexo printer

Our carton printing die-cutting machine, the printing part is generally composed of several groups, each group can print one color, and the printing pattern is generally composed of several colors.

According to different color groups, the printing die-cutting machine is divided into single-color, two-color, three-color, four-color, five-color, six-color and other models, customers can be equipped with different printing units according to their different color printing requirements.

For the printing of general carton boxes such as fruit and beverages, you can choose our ordinary carton printing and die-cutting machine to complete the printing and die-cutting of the carton; If customers want better printing results, we can configure a high-definition printing die-cutting machine, and match the glazing part to make the printing effect much better.

Die-cutting units with different functions

The die-cutting part of the carton flexo printer rotary die cutter can complete the requirements of ordinary cardboard die-cutting. If the customer also needs slotting, then we can match the slotting unit or the integrated die-cutting and slotting machine for customers to choose.

The integrated die-cutting and slotting machine refers to the die-cutting part and the slotting part on the same unit, it can complete the slotting and die-cutting requirements, which not only has a good effect on die-cutting and slotting, but also saves floor space.

Die-cutting machines are mainly divided into two types: rotary die cutting machines and Flatbed die cutting machines according to the different embossing forms.

Our carton flexo printer rotary die cutter can be used for printing, slotting and die-cutting of different carton boxes, such as pizza boxes, beverage boxes, fruit boxes, gift boxes, food boxes, Courier boxes, household appliances boxes and so on.

It can be used together with a folder gluer machine, stitcher machine, carton stacker or PE strapping machine, etc. with different speeds, printing effects, capacity and process models, to meet your production needs for a variety of corrugated boxes, and to help you quickly complete the production of corrugated cardboard to carton boxes.

If you are looking for this kind of machine, pls contact with us as soon as possible, You will get a satisfactory machine in our factory.