To Buy Box Making Machine, 4 Things You Must Know

When it comes to the purchase of box making machine, it is really troublesome for everyone. After all, this accounts for a large proportion of the fixed investment in the carton factory. At the same time, it will affect the output, efficiency, and frequency of use for a long time. It is the third problem outside the customer and funds when opening factory.

In terms of machine selection and configuration, we should adhere to the following principles: applicable first, expandable second, price third, after-sales fourth, etc., and share with you below.

Applicability of box making machine:

All the bosses who open a carton factory come prepared and demanded. The purpose of opening a factory is to create value for customers and create wealth for themselves. The first thing that everyone thinks of is to use the smallest investment, but there is no huge profit to be a processing enterprise. Now the labor cost is getting higher day by day, and the material cost is also rising. When purchasing box making machine, you must conduct a preliminary investigation. It is to maximize the effectiveness of the carton equipment purchased.

Scalability of box making machine:

The carton equipment is bought back, installed and used, is everything going well? No, as long as you are still opening the factory one day, you have to think about the next step for the factory?

Scalability is a problem at present. After the initial run-in period, the business has been slowly developed, and cartons of different specifications and requirements have come. This test is not only the skills of the workers, but more importantly the scalability of the carton equipment. At this time, if your box making machine cannot achieve this effect, specifications, requirements, etc., you have to hand over the customer to your competitors, or you find other factories to process, the carton machinery and equipment of your own factory will not be effective. Isn’t it the greatest waste?

Price of box making machine:

Buying something will definitely involve price. This is something everyone has to face. Since carton equipment is made by more than one factory, the price must be high or low, and the quality can be good or bad. With the same quality and performance, I am afraid that everyone is unwilling to spend a penny more on expensive ones. Under what circumstances is the most affordable?

We all know that the carton machinery and equipment are mainly steel. At present, the international steel prices continue to rise. Some of China’s steel is imported ore, self-smelting, and some are directly imported. This factor determines a large part of the cost of the machine. The price of equipment is the first factor, so the sales staff of the carton machine manufacturer opened up and said that the price of steel has risen and the machine is expensive. Now everyone can understand why they said that.

The second factor that affects the price of equipment is the technical content of the machine. At present, carton equipment is also blooming. Large factories continue to develop and improve new technologies, while some small factories do not pay attention to technology research and development. After all, the cost of research and development is very high, so the price is far away from some small factories. As a result, some small factories and traders are in vicious competition. They fight for prices and fight price wars. This is the reason for the technical content.

The third factor that affects the price of the paper box making machine is the accessories. Various parts of different materials are also made by many companies. The same ink roller has different quality in different factories, and the price varies a lot. This also affects the price of the machine. The accessories of factory A are imported or produced by large factories, while most of the accessories of Factory B are produced by companies that are not well-known in China and whose technology is not up to standard. It is conceivable that the price of the whole machine varies greatly.

It can be said that the prices of various box machines are restricted by the three factors mentioned above. There is a saying in the industry: There is only a wrong purchase, but no wrong sale, so do you still want to buy the cheapest carton machine?

After-sales service of box making machine:

Since box carton making machine are not disposable products, it may naturally involve after-sales.

The company with good after-sales service, due to its rich experience and excellent technology, sends a few masters over to solve the problems soonest when the carton machinery has problems.

The cheap machine supplier is not necessarily the case, because there are many hidden technical hazards hidden in the design and manufacture of the machine. If there is a problem, it may be a chain reaction, or the whole machine will be scrapped.

The repair of the machine directly affects the progress of production. If the machine is repaired for a few days, the production will be forced to stop for a few days. Time is money, profit, and wealth. This shows the importance of after-sales to production.

Therefore, when purchasing cardboard box making machine, the manufacturer’s technical strength and after-sales is an aspect that must be considered. Without good after-sales, it will not only affect the production progress, but also may find equipment maintenance personnel yourself to repair it. If there is a problem again, the gain is not worth the loss.

It can be seen that when buying a box making machine, you must not only pay attention to the price and ignore other factors. The best price-performance machine is the best.