Waste Stripper


Corrugated Cardboard Waste Stripping Machine/High Efficiency Waste Paper Cleaning Machine/ Pneumatic Carton Waste Stripper

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The pneumatic waste removal machine is a pneumatic tool used for removing waste edges of corrugated cardboard and ordinary corrugated paper in the printing industry. It drives the tooth chain to circulate at high speed through a pneumatic motor, and uses the tines to draw out the edges of the waste paper and remove it. This pneumatic waste removal machine can replace manual hammer removal, improve work efficiency and shorten the waste removal cycle.

Characterics of the Waste Stripper Machine:

1. Easy and quick waste removal, suitable for all kinds of products, including cardboard and various corrugated paper.

2. The waste removal efficiency is increased by nearly 10 times. 3 minutes of machine waste removal is equivalent to 30 minutes of manual waste removal.

3. Greatly shorten the delivery cycle

4. Reduce the space occupied by semi-finished products

5. Compared with manual scrap removal, the scrap rate is greatly reduced

6. The bonding parts will not be damaged during waste discharge, improving the efficiency of subsequent processes (gluing boxes/automatic packaging)

7.CE European safety standards

8. Lower energy consumption and more powerful power

9. Reduce work-related injuries and the resulting expenses.

10.The power source uses a pneumatic motor, which is safe. The tooth chain is made of high-strength alloy steel that has undergone heat treatment. It has extremely high hardness, strong wear resistance, long service life, and is easy to replace.

Technical Parameter Of the Waste Stripper Machine:

Machine TypeAdaptation chainSpeedIntake pipe diameterUse air pressureAir consumptionAir inlet sizeNet Weight
JYTP-250Small teeth/large teeth/medium teeth/medium teeth double teeth (17 rows of teeth)2500 RPM8*12mm4-8kg0.4m³/min1/4“3kg
(Enhanced Type)
Small teeth/large teeth/medium teeth/medium teeth double teeth (18 rows of teeth)3800-4500 RPM8*12mm4-8kg0.4m³/min1/4“3kg
(Enhanced Type)
Large teeth/medium teeth/medium teeth double teeth4500 RPM8*12mm4-8kg0.4m³/min1/4“5kg

Useage of the Semi automatic Waste stripping machine:

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1. This machine is suitable for removing waste edges of cardboard, fine corrugated and ordinary corrugated paper in the printing industry.
2. Applicable paper range: 200g/m2-500g/m2 cardboard, single/double-layer corrugated cardboard, double-corrugated waste framed corrugated paper.


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