Automatic strapping machine



The automatic carton strapping machine is also called the carton strapping machine, PE end belt strapping machine and other names, and it is the last strapping process in the carton equipment. This machine adopts Taiwan technology,  is an automatic carton machinery product integrated and developed according to market demand. It adopts a number of patented technologies and develops into a practical equipment with automation, high speed, good stability and high precision.


The automatic strapping machine is controlled by PLC system, the system adjustment and order change are simple and convenient. The head of the automatic strapping machine adopts imported large bird’s beak, and the design structure is firm and stable, which prolongs the service life of the carton baler.

Characteristics of the Automatic strapping machine:

1. The operation is simple and convenient, and the maintenance is convenient. No technical experience is required for the operation of the machine, and the machine can be started up after simple training.

2. The pe belt is more cost-saving, the cost of the pe end belt is only a quarter of that of the pp belt.

3. Double servo paper feeding system, more accurate paper feeding, quick and sensitive action, and reliable operation.

4. Full touch screen control, simple, fast and accurate order change and adjustment.

5. The automatic strapping machine can be used in conjunction with automatic folder gluer, automatic folder gluer & stitcher all-in-one machine, semi-automatic carton stitcher, Automatic inline flexo folder gluer and other equipments. It is fully equipped and can be Online to complete integrated production.

Technical parameter of the Automatic strapping machine:

Main frame dimensions2950×(2300- 3400)×2000mm
Size of paper feeding(Optional) 1200×1000×870mm
Shelf size for receiving paper(retractable) (500-1500)×620×860mm
Total motor power5 KW
Voltage380V /220V
Frequency50 /60 Hz
Packing sizeL(300-1500)
Total machine weight2750 kg
Working pressure0.6-0.8 Mpa
ConsumablesPE, 35- 50(#)
Size adjustmentTouch screen Electric
Packing speed15 - 20 bundles/min
Machine head on-line methodElectric
Paper feed modeDouble servo


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