Semi Automatic Cardboard PE Strapping Machine

High efficiency: provincial economy, reduce packaging costs and make profits.


This Semi Automatic cardboard PE strapping machine has a wide range of use and high efficiency. This machine only needs one person to operate, but its efficiency is equivalent to that of 3-4 workers. It only takes 1.2 seconds to strap once and save time.

It can be automatically adjusted to suit different sizes of packaging, Easy to operate (the inexperienced can also operate), the knot is firm, and the cut packing rope is short and neat, suitable for the bundling of cartons, corrugated paper, cartons, color boxes, and color printing businesses.

Regardless of the size of the packaging, it can be packaged without adjusting the machine, so that enterprises can reduce their dependence on a large amount of work. The machine is a mechanical structure, some imported parts are used, the back blade is stable and reliable, and the adjustment is convenient.

Semi Automatic Cardboard PE Strapping Machine

Characteristics of the semi-automatic cardboard Pe Strapping Machine:

*This machine can connect with the automatic folder gluer machine.

*With motor torque limiter, while misoperation, motro iding, ensure the safety.

*Sizes of cardboard or cartons can be arbitrary adjusted.

*Strapping speed can up to 8-14 bundles per minute.

*Air pressure:0.6-0.8 Mpa.

* Power resourece:3 phase 380v

*Total motor:3kw

*Using material: PE tape.

Technical data of the semi automatic cardboard Pe Strapping Machine:

Machine modelHQ-30HQ-60HQ-70HQ-100HQ-120
Max bale size300*200mm600*350mm700*500mm1000*600mm1200*800mm
Min bale size100*80mm200*100mm200*100mm200*160mm400*200mm
Baling speed1.2 seconds/knot1.2 seconds/knot1.2 seconds/knot1.2 seconds/knot1.2 seconds/knot
Tying rope modelPE28#PE28#PE28#PE28#PE28#
Machine size1000*800*1300mm1000*1000*1500mm1300*1060*1550mm1550*1160*1620mm1750*1200*1700mm

Useage of the Semi Automatic Cardboard PE Strapping Machine:

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cartons, corrugated paper, cardboard bale large objects, as well as newspapers,

books and other printed materials, readymade garments original packaging.