Slitter Rewinder Machine


Slitter Rewinder Machine

The Slitter Rewinder Machine is a multifunctional equipment that integrates slitting and rewinding. It is specially used for Roll paper, thermal paper, carbonless paper, coated paper, aluminum film, aluminum foil, gold and silver cards, self-adhesive, non-woven fabrics, composite films, films, paper-plastic composite materials, etc., to cut the above wide rolls into narrow rolls and rewind them in sequence.

The paper rolls rolled by the paper reel are relatively soft, there may be damage or breakage inside, the edges on both sides are not neat, and the paper width cannot be directly used in paper processing or printing machines. Most paper types (such as newsprint, letterpress printing paper, packaging paper, etc.) must be trimmed, slit, spliced, and rewound on the paper roll core to form a finished paper roll with certain specifications and certain tightness requirements before they can be shipped. Slitting/rewinding can correct the misalignment of the rolls and improve the flatness, appearance quality and other technical indicators of the rolls.

Characterics of the slitter rewinder machine:

1. The main machine is driven by a variable frequency motor;
2. Single-axis hydraulic winding is used for winding.
3. Unwinding method: manual assisted loading or shaftless hydraulic loading
4. Unwinding tension control adopts advanced fully automatic control;
5. Automatic meter counting and emergency stop function;
6. Circular knife configuration, lower knife configuration self-locking knife;
7. Automatic gas-liquid deviation correction for unwinding;
8. Side material is discharged by high-pressure fan.

Technical Parameter of the slitter rewinder machine:

Max paper roll width1600mm
Min paper roll width800mm
Max paper roll diameter1300mm
Slitting width>35mm
Paper roll weight80-600 gsm
Loading methodHydraulic mill roll stand
Unloading methodpneumatic
Working speed300 m/min


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