Automatic Carton Stacker

Effective width 1400mm-2500mm. Design speed:180m/min-220/min, The Max stack height 300mm. The Max.stack length:4000mm



automatic carton stacker

The computerized gantry type carton stacker is an important equipment on the corrugated cardboard production line. Its function is: the finished cardboard after being cut to size by the cross-cutting machine of the production line, through this machine, the paper is received, automatically conveyed, automatically stacked, and automatically output to the conveyor. The workbench is transferred to the carton printing machine by the workers or the logistics system for printing.

Characteristic of the carton stacker:

  1. Small gate-type stacker, automatic counting and automatic order change.
  2. Synchronization with production manage control system. Change order automatically with high speed.
  3. During working with the production manage control system, the waste paperboard less than 500mm due to change order.
  4. Caterpiliar type stacking platform,AC servo control movements, stacking smoothly and tidily
  5. Automatic paperboard side delivery when reaching the setting quantity.
  6. Paperboard dam controlled by AC servo system, change order automatic and fast, accurate adjustment.
  7. The rear baffle can be moved automatically, suitable for small size paperboard stacking.
  8. Touch screen display for easy operation.
  9. Fully automatic operation control, improves efficiency,save manpower.reduce labor intensity.

Technical Parameters of Carton Stacker:

1.Effective width 1400mm-2500mm.

Design speed:  180m/min~220/min

2. The Max stack height 300mm.

The Max.stack length: 4000mm