Electric shaftless mill roll stand

Reel paper life-lower, clamp, loossen, movement, contraposition operated by motorize. reel paper strain control by manual brakes.


Characteristic of Electric shaftless mill roll stand:

1. The electric shaftless mill roll stand has a symmetrical structure, and two bundles of raw paper cylinders can be installed at the same time for non-stop paper changing operations.
2. The base paper lifting adopts an electric system, and is equipped with an overload protection device, which can complete the base paper clamping, loosening, and moving centering.
3.Width of paper: 600-1600mm, 600-1800mm, 600-2200mm.
4. The largest base paper size: φ1500mm×φ1700mm
Minimum base paper size: φ500mm×600mm
5. Equipped with a disc type manual brake, the tension of the base paper can be adjusted at any time.
6. Maximum support weight: 2 ton
7. The clamping and rotating machinery of the support arm is equipped with a constant torque clutch, which is reliable in operation.


paper roll dia.φ350-φ1500mm
single side hold weight2000kg
total power4.0kw
voltage3ph    380v   50Hz
Max Sheet size1300*1250MM