2 Layer Corrugator Line


2 Layer Corrugator Line

2 Layer Corrugator Line

Characteristics of the 2 layer corrugator line:

◆ Constant tension cardboard conveying, the conveying speed is strictly synchronized with the speed of the single facer machine.

◆ Alloy steel thin knife for longitudinal cutting, automatic sharpening, long blade life and high cutting quality

◆ Independent servo control of slitting knife arrangement, fast, accurate and reliable order arrangement

◆ The slitting speed is controlled by variable frequency motor and inverter, and can be adjusted synchronously with the speed of the cardboard

◆ When changing orders, the position of the left and right waste suction ports can be adjusted electrically according to the side knife

◆ The cross-cutting box body is made of high-quality castings, subject to strict aging treatment and precision machining, ensuring long-term stable operation of the equipment.

◆ Alloy steel seamless steel pipe spiral cutter shaft, precision machining, dynamic balance correction, high stiffness and small inertia

◆ The cross-cutting knife adopts German Kobe AC servo controller.

Technical details of the 2 layer corrugator line:

◆ Effective width: 1600~2200mm

◆Maximum speed: 150m/Min

◆ Number of slitting knives: 5

◆Minimum slitting width: 180mm

◆ Tool arrangement time: 3-8s

◆ Knife arrangement accuracy: 0.5mm

◆ Cross-cut length: 300 ~ 9999mm

◆ Cross-cutting accuracy: 1mm (constant speed)

◆ Stacking height: 250~600mm (select according to customer needs)

◆ Maximum cardboard stacking length: 1600mm.



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