NC Cut Off

The NC cut off machine is one of the important stand-alone machines in the corrugated cardboard production line.


 NC cut off 2

NC cut off 1

Characteristics of the NC cut off machine:

1. It can store 200 sets of orders, change the cutting paper specifications quickly and accurately, change orders without stopping the machine, and realize computer networking to facilitate production management.

2. The transmission gear of the cutter shaft is made of high-frequency quenching of precision forged steel material to realize backlash-free transmission, and the advanced keyless connection method is adopted to ensure high transmission precision.

3. The blade of the NC cut off machine adopts a steel spiral knife structure with a serrated shape. Scissors shearing, small shearing force, long blade life.

4. The front and rear paper feeding wheels adopt the sun wheel pressing method, which ensures stable transportation and uniform pressure, and is not easy to crush the board or cause blockage.

5. This model is energy storage brake (non-energy consumption brake), low energy consumption in the production process, the average power consumption is 1/3 of ordinary NC cut off machine, saving more than 70% of electricity, achieving the goal of saving money.

6. Precisely adjustable backlash-free gears ensure precise meshing of the blades and balanced operation.

7. Adopt oil sleeper type lubrication to distribute oil supply, lubrication and cooling at each gear position.

8. Knife roller: high-quality precision forged steel material, after balancing treatment, it has good stability.

Technical parameter of the NC cut off machine:

1. effective width:1400mm-2200mm

2、operation direction:left or right(determined to the customer’s factory)

3、highest machinery speed:150m/min

4、Mechanical configuration:computer-control helical cross cutter

5、Minimum cutting length:500mm                     6、Maximum cutting length:9999mm

7、Precision of cutting paper:uniform ±1mm,non-uniform±2mm

8、Machine size:4.2*1.2*1.4 meter (Length*width*height)

9、single weight:MAX3500Kg


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