Double corrugated roller single facer

Double corrugated roller single facer:One machine has two sets of corrugating rollers, one set can be selected at will when working, and the other set is ……


Characterics of SF-380T Double Corrugated Roller Single Facer:

  • One machine has two sets of corrugated rollers, one set can be selected at will when working, and the other set is preheated and ready for flute change.
  • Small footprint (two sets of single facers are required for similar products to achieve this function, which has a large footprint).
  • Independent drive box, five-axis transmission, hard-tooth gears, oil pump for lubrication, reduce noise, run smoothly, and extend the service life of gears.
  • The whole machine is controlled by PLC, and the operating parameters are displayed on the touch screen, which is convenient for operation.
  •  The thickness of the glue application is adjusted by an electric push rod, and the glue isolation device is electric. The glue application part operates independently when the main engine stops to prevent the paste from drying up. The displacement of the gluing mechanism is pneumatically controlled.
  • Vacuum adsorption type single facer machine. The upper and lower corrugated rollers are made of alloy steel, and the surface is grounded and chrome-plated after heat treatment with a hardness of HRC58°-60°, or tungsten carbide corrugated rollers available.
  • The rising and falling of corrugated roller and pressure roller are hydraulically controlled, and the working pressure is stable.
  • The corrugated paper is equipped with spray steam to adjust the humidity.
  • SF-380T double corrugated roller single facer is suitable for single-faced cardboard assembly line (one machine with two corrugations), and if two SF-380T is used for five-layer line, there are four kinds of corrugations for customers to choose from,  and the market competitiveness is more Strong.

Technical Parameters of SF-380T Double Corrugated Roller Single Facer:

  • Design speed: 200m/min
  • Width: 1400mm-2500mm
  • Main flute roller: Φ380mm (different according to flute type).
  • Pressure roller: Φ385mm.
  • Preheating roller: Φ400mm