SF280/320 Fingerless Single Facer

Fingerless Corrugation Single Facer


single facer machine 1Single facer machine


Characteristics of fingerless single facer:

1) Vacuum adsorption type fingerless single facer corrugating machine, the upper and lower corrugating rollers are made of high-quality 48CrMo alloy steel, the hardness is HRC58°-60° after heat treatment, and the surface is treated with chrome plating or tungsten carbide.

2) The machine is equipped with a face paper preheating roller and a core paper air jet device.

3) The upper and lower corrugated roller bases are designed as a modular structure, which can be hoisted as a whole, which is conducive to overall maintenance and replacement.

4) The gluing system is designed in groups, and the guide rail can be disassembled and disassembled, which is convenient for the maintenance of the machine.

5) The corrugating roller, pressure roller and glue roller are loaded by air pressure to ensure stable and reliable operation.

6) It adopts electric glue separating device, and the amount of glue applied is adjusted by electric tracking, which is automatically adjusted according to the speed of the equipment, and is equipped with a digital display. Electronically adjust the amount of digital display glue or manually adjust the amount of glue.

7) Frequency conversion motor drive, independent drive box, three-axis drive. The closed gear transmission is lubricated by oil immersion, which reduces noise, runs smoothly and prolongs the service life of gears.

8) The bearings of the upper and lower corrugating rollers and pressure rollers adopt high temperature grease to ensure the bearing life and smooth operation.

Technical data of fingerless single facer

1)SF280 design speed: 60-80 m/min

SF320 design speed: 150m/min;

SF360 design speed: 200m/min;

SF380 design speed: 220m/min;

2) Effective width: 1400-2800mm



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