Hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand

Hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand (Heavy type) the structure is double rotary shafts with four arms, support two paper mill rolls on both arms at the same time.


Characteristic of Hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand:

1. Adopt double-roller symmetrical four-arm structure, which can support two rolls of raw paper at the same time;
2. Through hydraulic transmission, it can realize the clamping, lifting, correction and other actions of the paper roll, or mechanical clamping and correction;
3. The end of the top adopts an advanced film worship pneumatic cylinder pneumatic brake device or a manual tension brake, and the top can choose an expansion chuck to reduce paper waste;
4. The width of the supporting base paper is from 1200mm-2800mm, and the diameter of the supporting base paper is 1500mm;
5. Support the maximum weight of 5 Ton.
6. The spindle is 270mm.


Hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand
Model 1400 1600 1800 2000
Machine length(mm) 3800 4000 4200 4400
Machine width(mm) 1400
Machine height(mm) 1600
Max Clamping Width 1550 1750 1990 2150
Min Clamping Width 500
Max Clamping Diameter 1500
Min Clamping Diameter 350
Maximum speed 150M/min