Cassette type single facer

With multiple corrugated rollers: 320/360/405 Diameter


Characteristic of Cassette type single facer :

  1. With multiple corrugated rollers: 320/360/405 Diameter
  2. 320D design speed: 150m/minute; 360D design speed: 180m/minute; 405D design speed: 220m/minute
  3. The design of corrugated roller positioned under the pressure roller, considering to reduce the center of gravity and reduce the vibration when the machine is running, insure machine running smoothly and steady. Because the corrugated roller position lower, so fast change roller more quickly, convenience, safety
  4. The lubricating system of corrugated roller and pressure roller, adopt High Temperature Greases, can avoid the circulation oil easy to produce oil leakage or carbonization phenomenon and cause bearing damage.
  5. Corrugated roller, pressure roller, gluing roller adopt pneumatic control, have the pressure control of balance in the slow effect, of each roller gap adjusting with pressure control, which can solve the A.C motor for wet, high temperature and vibration caused by factors to the damage of the trouble.
  6. Quickly change roller 10-15 mins,change corrugated roller use electro motion trolley carry it, the whole part move from main machine.
  7. Movable type gluing unit adopt independent transmission convenience to clean and maintain.
  8. The inlet and outlet of steam focus on one connect plate, connection controlled by pneumatic, convenient and quickly