2 Ply Sheet Cutter With Collector


The 2 Ply Sheet Cutter With Collector

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The 2 Ply Sheet Cutter With Collector is usually used for Single facer Line, which is used for production of 2 ply corrugated cardboard. The sheet cutter can cut the corrugated cardboard(cut the paper roll, specially for cutting the 2-layer single face paperboard) into the required length, and then stack the cardboard to a certain height through the cardboard collector and transport it out. This 2 ply sheet cutter with collector machine is easy to operate, convenient and fast, and can help corrugated cardboard factories save labor costs and improve production efficiency.

Sheet Cutter:

1. Can save more than 200 groups order, can change cutting size exactly in short time without stop, can connect to computer system, this makes the production management good.
2. Drive system has high precision.
3. Knife has good and stable quality, usage life is long.
4. Roll for leading paperboard has anti-skid material cover, more wear-resisting, size is correct.
5. Servo control motor drive, 5.7 inch Colorful touch screen, you can check every item clearly.

Cardboard Collector:

1. The design speed of paper delivery is 100m/min.
2. The paper delivery length of this machine is 400mm-1200mm.
3. This machine can collect 5 pieces of paper at the same time.
4. This machine can realize automatic counting, automatic stacking, automatic stomping, and total counting without stopping.
5. The maximum stacking height of the stacking part of this machine can reach 100mm per time.
6. This machine has a unique front-edge paper leveling mechanism.
7. It has low cost, small floor space, and saves manpower. It is the best choice for medium-speed machines.

Technical Parameter of The 2 ply Sheet Cutter With Collector:

Working width
Design speed60m/min
Cutting length
Cutting precision±1.5mm
ower of variable-frequency motor4kw
Power of blade shaft motor

Remark:The above machine sizes can be customized according to requirements.


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