Double Facer Corrugator Machine


Double Facer Jeytop carton machinery

Double Facer–Jeytop carton machinery

The double facer is an important single machine in the corrugated cardboard production line. The main function of the double facer machine (also known as the heating laminating machine) is to bond the single-sided corrugated cardboard and the face paper, heat and solidify, dry and cold-set to form a high-quality three-layer, five-layer or seven-layer corrugated cardboard, and then The corrugated cardboard is passed to equipment such as slitting and creasing machines to cut and process the cardboard.

Characteristics of the double facer

1. The surface of the heating plate is ground, the width of the heating plate is 520mm, there are 10 heating plates in total, and the cooling and shaping length is 4.5 meters.

2. The hot plate adopts a dense gravity roller structure.

3. The lifting and lowering of the pressing roller adopts an electric structure.

4. The left and right correction adjustment of the upper conveyor belt adopts automatic two-side adjustment. There is 1 set of upper conveyor belt tensioning system, 1 set is manual (fine adjustment), and 1 set is pneumatic adjustment (fast).

5. The heat conduction piping of the heating plate is divided into 6 sections to control the temperature.

6. The upper acupuncture belt adopts a double-cylinder S-type acupuncture belt tensioning device.

7. The lower belt adopts S-shaped manual deviation correction and tensioning mechanism, the structure is simple and practical, and the lower belt has a set of manual fine-tuning type.

8. The surface of the driving roller is covered with wear-resistant rubber and has a medium height to ensure the smooth output of the cardboard.

9. The electrical components adopt international famous brands, the device works stably and the operation is reliable.

10. The main drive motor is a variable frequency speed regulating motor, with large torque at low speed, wide speed regulation range, reliable use and simple maintenance.

11. The interior of the hot plate is a partition isolation structure, so that the steam flows in an S-shaped direction, and the separation function of steam and water is obvious, which improves the utilization rate of steam.

12. The main frame is made of high-strength national standard profiles, with firm structure and beautiful appearance, suitable for high-speed work.

Technical data Of the double facer:

1. Diameter of upper driving rubber roller: ¢400mm Diameter of lower driving rubber roller: ¢400mm Outsourcing wear-resistant rubber

2 ※ Conventional technical parameters of the double facer:

1. Maximum working width: 1000-1600mm

2. Operation direction: left or right (determined according to the customer’s factory)

3. Mechanical speed: 100m/min

4. Air source pressure: 0.6—0.9Mpa

5. Cooling shaping length: 4.5 meters Number of heating plates: 10 pieces

※ Roller diameter parameters of the double facer:

1. Diameter of front driven belt roller: ¢245mm Diameter of rear shaped driven belt roller: ¢186mm

2. Diameter of belt pressing roller: ¢70mm Diameter of shaping roller: ¢80mm

3. Diameter of upper belt tension roller: ¢110mm Diameter of upper belt deflection roller: ¢110mm

4. Diameter of tension roller under lower belt: ¢110mm Diameter of idler roller of lower belt: ¢95mm

Note: All roller surfaces are ground and hard chrome plated.


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