How To Adjust Flexo Printer Slotter Machine quickly

When you start up your flexo printer slotter machine, Don’t rush to production. Machine adjustment and inspection are necessary, which is very important for the smooth production of your machine.

The components of the flexo printer slotter machine are: paper feeding unit, printing unit, slotting unit, die cutting unit, and paper delivery unit. The functions of each part are different.

Main points of debugging Flexo Printer Slotter Machine

First. Paper feeding unit
Paper feeding unit: The function of the paper feeding unit is to transfer the cardboard smoothly and accurately to the printing unit.

Paper feed unit adjustment items
1. Front baffle: control the paper feeding height of the cardboard, the gap is set to 1.5 times the thickness of the cardboard, and the distance is moderate.

2. Side baffle: control the paper feeding length of the cardboard, and the side size of the board is 2mm more by patting.

3. Side shot of all paper: control the length of the paper feeding of the cardboard, and pat the board to 10-20mm into the side baffle.

4. Rear baffle: control the paper feeding width of the cardboard, the distance between the rear baffle and the front baffle is 3mm larger than the width of the cardboard

5. Paper feeding roller: Control the paper feeding gap of the cardboard. The gap adjustment after the paper feeding roller should not exceed the thickness of the cardboard 0.1mm. In special circumstances, it can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Second. Printing unit
The function of the printing unit is mainly printing. The printing pattern is transferred from the printing plate to the paper through the ink on the anilox roller to display the required patterns and graphics.

Printing unit adjustment matters of the flexo printer slotter machine
1. Rubber roller: the ink-hanging roller; the gap adjustment with the anilox roller must be the same every time, so that the printing hue can be consistent.

2. Scraper: The squeegee should be cleaned and replaced in time depending on the usage.

3. Anilox roller: The parallelism must be accurate, touch lightly with the printing plate and try to be as close to the zero point as possible, and raise the printing plate without touching the part.

4. Printing cylinder: the center line of the hanging plate should be aligned, firm, and the horizontal movement should be zeroed, and the printing cylinder should be clean.

5. Press roller: The gap should be set as lightly as possible under the premise of ensuring the full color of the printing, to avoid the expansion of the dots, the illegible characters, the full-page anti-white characters, and the printing pressure should not exceed 0.2mm.

6. Paper biting wheel: at least the size is pressed into the paper edge more than 10mm, the gap is pressed down by 0.3-0.6mm at a height, and each color is 0.1mm less than the previous color.

Third, slotting unit
The main function of the slotting unit is to press and slot the cardboard, which mainly controls the function of carton forming.

Slotting unit adjustment matters
1. Crushing wheel: The gap should be less than half of the thickness of the cardboard in order not to break.

2. Crimping wheel: The gap is about half of that of the crushing wheel, based on the principle of not crushing.

3. Slotting knife: The gap between the upper knife and the lower knife is about 3mm, and the paper-clamping gap is about 5mm.

4. Trimming knife: The upper knife touches the lower knife for more than 6-10mm, and it should be close vertically.

Fourth, die cutting unit
The die-cutting unit is mainly to die-cut cardboard through the shape of the mold.

Die-cutting unit adjustment matters:
1. You need to turn on the lateral switch of Youlijiao first, so that the Youlijiao and die cutter have a horizontal movement range when working, which can increase the service life of Youlijiao.

2. When installing the template, the screws must be installed from the bottom of the template. The main consideration is that the bottom of the template is in contact with the Youli glue. In addition, all screw holes on the template should be installed with screws as much as possible to ensure the roundness of the template.

3. When adjusting the position of the die hole, the template should be separated from the Youlijiao before adjustment to avoid damage to the Youlijiao.

Fifth, stacker machine
The stacker machine mainly stacks semi-finished products, that is, Stack the cardboard which have Been finished printing,slotting and die cutting into stacks of the same data.

Adjustment items of delivery unit:
1. Adjust the distance between the front baffle and the end of the conveyor belt, the distance is about 30mm larger than the width of the cardboard.

2. Adjust the spacing of the side flaps on the side of the delivery section to make sure that the cardboard can be stacked neatly.

3. Adjust the speed of the conveyor belt to make the conveying process smooth and not cause messy materials.

Usually, after purchasing the flexo printer slotter machine from our factory, we will send professional installers to the customer’s factory to complete the installation and commissioning of the machine, so that the customer can install and produce in a short time; during the use of the machine, if any If there is a problem, we will also connect with the customer as soon as possible and complete the detection and debugging work.