Carton Stitching Machine

The corrugated carton stitching machine is one of the subsequent processing equipment of the carton. Its principle is same as the ordinary stapler, except that the carton stitching machine uses tiger teeth as a backing plate, and is specially used for carton sealing. This series of products have the advantages of light weight, easy operation, good wear resistance, flat sealing, safe and firm, can reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. They are widely used in various applications that need to load heavy objects of box and calcium plastic box which are not easy to seal with adhesive tape.

At present, the commonly used carton stitching machines include semi-automatic and full automatic carton stitching machine. The semi-automatic carton stitching machine is mainly used for the nailing of single-sheet corrugated cardboard, to meet the requirements of various carton factories and different batch production. It is a substitute for the manual box stitching machine, and also the ideal carton nailing equipment in China.

As it is the subsequent production process of carton forming, how its process effect affects the appearance quality of the carton on the one hand, and the carton use performance on the other hand. From the production process, the nailing box seems to be a relatively simple process. However, some quality problems will inevitably be exposed in daily production. Therefore, the technology and quality control of the nailing box process cannot be ignored. It is necessary to carefully check and control the equipment selection, operation technology, and material selection, to prevent or reduce the chance of quality problems.

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