Carton box manufacturing plant cost in India

The Topic of Carton box manufacturing plant cost in India is always asked, why? Driven by the rapid growth of the consumer market, India’s demand for packaging has expanded dramatically. Packaging is one of the fastest growing industries in India.(1)

paper packaging in India
The proportion of packaging industry in India’s overall industry

As the world’s most populous country after China, India has a huge domestic packaging market, and consumes a large amount of packaging materials every year, of which corrugated boxes account for a very large proportion of the entire packaging industry. ICCMA estimates that the industry produces 7.5 million tons of corrugated boxes and has a market size of Rs 3,000 crore. In this case, both Indian and foreign investors want to build a corrugated box factory in India, so what are the costs of building a carton production factory in India?

Carton box manufacturing plant cost in India

Cardboard Factory site selection

You can buy land to build a factory or lease a mature factory building. According to production needs, choose a factory of suitable size, reserve enough space for machines, raw materials, finished products, etc., and try to choose a factory close to the market or raw material production area and other convenient transportation according to the budget. The rental costs of factories in different cities in India are shown in the figure below:

Average warehousing rent in India in financial year 2021 by city
Average warehousing rent in India in financial year 2021, by city

Corrugated box manufacturing Factory registration

Apply for Import and Export Certificate (IEC), handle various permits and business licenses required by the government where the factory is located; Indian company registration is governed by the Companies Act 2013 under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) It is stipulated that different forms and scales of company registration have different prices, which are subject to the local government fees.

Procurement of carton box making machine

Purchasing different carton machines according to the size of the factory and different production requirements, our article introduces different carton machine prices for your reference. You can Purchase locally or directly from us. We have a variety of different models and different speeds of machines for you to choose from.

Carton MachineFactory for making corrugated cardboar onlyFactory for making corrugated board and boxesFactory for making boxes onlyNewly opened small carton factory
Corrugation machine  
Flexo printer slotter die cutter 
Folder gluer  
Carton stitcher  
Thin blade slitter scorer    
Carton cutting and creasing machine   
Carton making machine for different carton factories

Worker wages

According to the requirements of output, machine automation, etc., the factory needs to employ a certain number of workers to operate the machines, transport raw materials and finished products, etc. The average salary is shown in the figure, and the corresponding remuneration should be given according to the proficiency of the workers, and consider whether Provide accommodation, etc.

India salary
Estimates Salary in India

Raw material purchase cost

The raw material of corrugated boxes is mainly base paper, which is made of waste paper and pulp as raw materials. Due to changes in market supply and demand, price fluctuations of coal, starch and other materials and other factors, the price of corrugated base paper is also constantly fluctuating, which is subject to the local market price.

Water, electricity and other fuel costs

In the operation and production of the factory, it is necessary to use water, electricity and gas to ensure the operation of the machine. In the long run, it is also a large expenditure, and it needs to be included in the budget according to the charging standards of different regions.

Factory operating costs

During the operation of the factory, other operating costs also need to be considered. For example: the cost of office supplies required for basic office work, the cost of on-the-job training for workers, the cost of machine maintenance and repair, etc.

Logistics and transportation costs

The input of base paper and the output of finished cardboard or carton all require certain vehicles and drivers, so the transportation costs, warehousing costs, circulation processing costs, packaging costs, loading and unloading incurred in various activities such as loading and unloading, transportation, storage, distribution processing, etc. all need to be considered in advance.

The above are the main factors of the Corrugated Carton box manufacturing plant cost in India. Of course, due to changes in local policies, markets, raw materials, supply and demand, etc., the costs of the above factors will also fluctuate. Always pay attention to market information and do a good job in the cost management of the carton factory, will help factories control costs and make more profits.

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Carton box manufacturing plant cost in india