Best 10 advantages of carton packaging

There are many advantages of carton packaging,This is why there are so many corrugated carton packaging in the market

Corrugated boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, which is the most widely used paper packaging at present, the packaging of commodities on the market is dazzling, but the most we see are carton packagings, which is the best environmental protection packaging material in contemporary times. So do you know what is the advantages of carton packaging?


Advantages of carton packaging:

①Good buffering performance.

Corrugated cardboard has a special structure, 60~70% of the volume of the cardboard structure is empty, so it has good shock absorption performance, can protect the inner items from external impact, prevent items from being lost, and has good sealing performance, which can be safely transported to the destination, avoid collisions and impacts on the packaged items in long distance, and have maximum protection for the inner items.

② Lightweight and firm.

Corrugated cardboard is a hollow structure, and uses fewer packaging materials to form a more rigid box, so it is light and firm. Compared with a wooden box of the same volume, it is only 1/4 to 1/5 of the weight of the wooden box.

③Small size and save space

When storing and transporting, the corrugated box can be folded into a flat shape, which is convenient for storage and transportation; when in use, it can be opened into a cardboard box, and the volume is much smaller than that of wooden boxes and plywood boxes of the same volume.

④Sufficient raw materials and low cost.

There are many raw materials for the production of corrugated board, such as corner wood, bamboo, wheat straw, reed, etc., so its material cost is lower, only about half of the same volume of wooden boxes.

⑤ It is convenient for automated production.

A complete corrugated box production line has been developed, with a high degree of automation, which can produce corrugated boxes in large quantities and efficiently, so its production efficiency is much higher than other forms of packaging containers.

⑥The corrugated cardboard packaging operation cost is low.

Packing items in corrugated cartons makes it easy to achieve automated packaging of items, which reduces the packaging workload and reduces packaging costs.

⑦Can pack a variety of items.

The corrugated cardboard box itself has a wide range of packaging items, but if combined with various coverings and moisture-proof materials, it can greatly expand the scope of use. For example, moisture-proof corrugated boxes can pack fruits and vegetables; corrugated boxes covered with plastic film can be packaged and easily absorb moisture Items; plastic film bushings are used to form a sealed package in the box to pack liquid, semi-fluid items, etc.

⑧The amount of metal is small.

The forming of corrugated carton only requires a small amount of nails, which is only 5%compared to the wooden box manufacturing. To a certain extent, the cost of material is also reduced.

⑨Easy to customize and facilitate printing

The corrugated carton is easy to customize, and the supplier can customize different layers and different sizes of cardboard boxes according to customer requirements. For printing content, corrugated cardboard has good ink absorption capabilities and easy to print, which can print different content to promote internal products.


Corrugated boxes are made of degradable natural materials, so they can easily break down into soil after being discarded. It is a representative product that is recyclable and can be reused many times, which reduces the cost of packaging and does not pollute the environment. At present, the recycling rate of cartons in the world has exceeded 90%, which plays an important role in the effective use of resources.

The advantages of carton packaging are so many, and the carton boxes play a very important role in many industries, so how to produce high quality corrugated boxes for better packaging solutions? Look here, maybe there are machines you need!