Thin blade cutting and creasing machine

Can provide four-knife six creasing line, five-knife eight creasing line, or customized according to customer requirements.


Characteristics Of the Thin Blade Cutting And Creasing Machine:

  1. Slitting section: Electric adjustment of knife distance, automatic opening and closing of pneumatic locking, high-quality tungsten steel alloy blades, sharp blades, long service life, neat cardboard incisions, no fracturing, no burrs.
  2. Scoring part: Electric adjustment of crimping distance, automatic opening and closing of pneumatic locking, five-point crimping, and synchronous adjustment of indentation gap. The line is beautiful, does not burst the line, and is easy to bend.
  3. The upper and lower pressure lines can be adjusted synchronously, and the lower pressure lines can be individually fine-tuned.
  4. Pneumatic lifting knife, pneumatic lifting and pressing line.
  5. The knife sharpening device adopts automatic and manual pneumatic sharpening methods, which work while sharpening the knife to improve work efficiency.
  6. Electric deviation correction, simple and practical operation. It is suitable for the needs of different production lines.
  7. Adopt famous brand variable frequency motor inverter, high synchronization precision with the production line.
  8. The electrical appliances are domestic famous brands or imported products with reliable performance.
  9. Adopt synchronous belt drive, low noise and stable transmission.
  10. This product can be used with two stand-alone machines to achieve quick order change.
  11. Automatically track the production line speed.

Technical data of the thin blade cutting and creasing machine:

Effective width/mm1800200023002600
Min. slitting length/mm260260260260
Min. slitting width/mm130130130130
Min. Scorer width/mm30303030
Machine dimension/mm2580*1750*13502780*1750*13503080*1750*13503580*1750*1350
Total power/Kw9910.510.5


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