Slitter Blade



Characteristic of the slitter blade:

1. High-quality steel is selected and heat-treated to ensure the durability of the blade.

2.The slitter blade produced by our company has high hardness, sharp edge, good toughness and strong wear resistance. It will not be easily worn during the slitting process and can achieve a very perfect slitting effect.

3. Adopting advanced processing technology, precision cutting, no chipping phenomenon, smooth cutting section, extremely smooth and sharp.

4. Durable and long service life, it can bring higher production efficiency to your machine and save production cost.

5. Various specifications are available from stock, and non-standard products can be customized according to requirements.

6. Usually used in the slitter scorer machine.

Technical Parameter of the slitter blade:

Corrugated cardboard slitting blade specifications commonly used at home and abroad
Φ200*Φ122*1.2 Justu, Qingdao Φ260*Φ158*1.4 Justu, Qingdao
Φ210*Φ110*1.4 Neide Φ260*Φ158*1.4-8Φ11 Justu, Qingdao
Φ210*Φ122*1.2 Justu, Qingdao Φ260*Φ158*1.5-3Φ9.2 J.S Machinery
Φ220*Φ115*1-3*Φ9 Agmari Φ260*Φ168.3*1.2 Marauip
Φ230*Φ110*1.3 Kaituo Φ260*Φ168.3*1.4-8Φ10.5 Hsieh Hsu
Φ230*Φ130*1.3 Neide Φ260*Φ170*1.4-8Φ10.5 Jialong,Zhaoqing
Φ230*Φ110*1.1-6*Φ9 Fosber Φ265*Φ112*1.4-6Φ11 Oranda
Φ230*Φ135*1.3 Fosber Φ265*Φ170*1.4-8Φ10.5 Jialong,Zhaoqing
Φ240*Φ32*1.2-2*Φ8.5 Bhs Φ270*Φ113*1.25 Aiji
Φ240*Φ115*1-3*Φ9 Agmari Φ270*Φ168*1.4-8Φ11 BW Papersystems
Φ250*Φ105*1.4-6*Φ11 J.S Machinery Φ270*Φ168.3*1.4-8Φ10.5 Hsieh Hsu、J.S Machinery
Φ250*Φ140*1.4 Neide、Zhongyuan,Handan Φ270*Φ170*1.4-8Φ10.5 Yueli machinery
Φ250*Φ150*0.8 Peters Φ280*Φ168*1.4-8Φ12 BW Papersystems
Φ257*Φ135*1.1 Fosber Φ280*Φ202*1.4 Mitsubishi
Φ260*Φ112*1.4-6*Φ11 Mingwei、Oranda Φ290*Φ112*1.4-6Φ12 TCY
Φ260*Φ114*1.4-8*Φ11 Yueli machinery、Xianglong Φ290*Φ168*1.4-6Φ12 BW Papersystems、Jialong、Yueli machinery
Φ260*Φ140*1.4 Zhongyuan,Handan Φ291*Φ203*1 Mitsubishi
Φ260*Φ140*1.5 Lsowa Φ300*Φ112*1.4-6Φ12 TCY


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