Corrugated Sun Wheel



corrugated sun wheel

Corrugated Sun Wheel


  • Use high-quality polyurethane as raw material, with good elasticity, compression and wear resistance.
  • The surface is smooth and the edges are flat and free of burrs.
  • Support customization of various specifications, a variety of colors are available.
  •  Applicable to:

1) Front edge feeder for the corrugated box mechanical printing slotting machines;

2) Corrugated box die-cutting machine feeding part;

Technical parameter:

1) 160*100*50mm~165*70*50mm

2) Accept custom by drawings.

3) Color:Red/Yellow/Black

4)Raw materials:Polyurethane

5)Service life: More than 1 year (under normal using conditions)

corrugated sun wheel 1


1.Our Non-crush corrugated sun wheels are produced by imported polymer synthetic polyurethane rubber, which has the advantages of high wear resistance, high resilience, no damage to the paper and long service life.
2.The special designed spokes, result in reduced contact force between the wheel and board and are proven to reduce flute deformation.




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