Semi-automatic carton stitching machine (Two-piece )

German imported four-servo drive with accurate precision and reduced mechanical transmission parts, which can effectively reduce the failure rate of machinery.



Characteristics of Semi-automatic carton stitching machine (Two-piece ):

  1. Germany imported a four-servo drive with accurate precision and reduced mechanical transmission parts, which can effectively reduce the failure rate of machinery.
  2. The entire control system adopts the Omron PLC control system.
  3. The contactors in the control box all adopt the German Siemens brand.
  4. Relays and circuit breakers adopt the French Schneider brand, and photoelectric and proximity switches adopt Japanese Omron brand.
  5. The bottom mold and the blade are made of Japanese tungsten steel (wear-resistant).
  6. The whole set of nail heads is all made of special steel and precision processed by computer numerical control.
  7. It only takes one minute to change the size of the carton and adjust the nail distance of the carton, which greatly saves time and is easy to operate.
  8. Capable of nailing boxes with lids & cartons without lids (if there are boxes with or without lids, please specify when ordering the machine).
  9. There is an automatic counting function in the latter section, and the number of finished products can be divided and sent to the end of the conveying machine according to the set number (1-99), which is convenient for packing and binding.
  10. Mechanical speed: 500 nails/min.
  11. Nail distance: 30-120mm adjustable.
  12. One set of dual purpose, can be nailed single-chip nailed carton, double-chip nailed carton, irregular carton.
  13. The size adopts full electric control, and it only takes 2-3 minutes to change the size.
  14. Reinforced nails can be nailed, single nails, double rows of nails, one time.
  15. The paper feeding department automatically counts, and the finished product is sent out for binding.
  16. Suitable for small and medium-sized cartons, fast and labor saving.
  17. Adjust the nail distance, use the computer to set the nail distance automatically, the nail distance can be adjusted arbitrarily from 20-120mm;
  18. This Semi-automatic carton stitching machine uses a computer screen to display failure instructions.
  19. Cartons with a bottom and no lid can also be nailed (special instructions).
  20. Suitable for three, five and seven layers of corrugated cardboard (special instructions are required for seven layers)
  21. The Semi-automatic carton stitching machine uses four servo motors (that is, two head motors and two nail pitch motors).
  22. Order adjustment for the whole machine. (Optional)


Technical Parameter of Semi-automatic carton stitching machine (Two-piece ):

Maximum paper size(A+B)*2(mm)400048006000
Minimum paper size(A+B)*2(mm)106010601060
Maximum carton length A/mm285028502850
Minimum carton length A/mm350350350
Maximum carton width B/mm100012001500
Minimum carton width B/mm180180180
Maximum paper height(C+D+C)(mm)250025002500
Minimum paper height(C+D+C)(mm)400400400
Maximum flap sizeC(mm)560560560
Minimum flap sizeC(mm)505050
Maximum height D(mm)200020002000
Minimum height D(mm)181018101810
Max tongue width(mm)454545
Nail distance /mm30-12030-12030-120
Number of nails1-991-991-99
Nailing speed(pcs/mim)500500500
Weight of machine(T)2.533.5