Automatic stitching gluing machine

This machine is fully controlled by computer,easy and simple tochange order.



Characteristic of Automatic stitching gluing machine:

  1. This machine is fully controlled by computer,easy and simple tochange order.
  2. The whole control system adopts PLC control system, touch screeninterface, easy to operate.
  3. The paper feeding part adopts vacuum adsorption leading edge belt to ensure that the carton is not skewed.
  4. The whole stitcher head is imported from Taiwan with a mechanical speed of 600 nails/min.
  5. nail distance of 30-100mm can be adjusted at will.
  6. Single/double/one-time nailing can be completed, which can meet the different requirements of different customers
  7. It only takes a few minutes to change the size of the carton and adjust the nail distance of the carton, greatly saving time and convenient operation;
  8. Available for lagre carton,and nail-feeding is high speed and high efficiency.
  9. Nailing from is free adjustable between 30-120 mm,set by computer. It can do special box without cover

Technical Parameter Of Automatic stitching gluing machine:

Max paper size/mm2650
Min paper size/mm750
Max carton length/mm800
Min carton length/mm220
Max carton width/mm780
Min carton width/mm130
Max paper height/mm1200
Min paper height/mm300
Max rock cover size/mm350
Min rock cover size/mm50
Max width of the tongue/mm40
Nailing distance/mm30-100
Number of nails0-99
Stitching speed/ pcs per min600

Useage of the Automatic stitching gluing machine:Suitable for corrugated board three, five, seven layers (seven layers need special explanation)