Semi-automatic carton stitcher (Single piece)



semi automatic carton stitcher

半自动钉箱机 副本

The double servo semi-automatic carton stitcher machine is the latest product improved on the basis of the normal semi-automatic carton stitching machine. The entire transmission and traveling parts use two servo motors to drive the machine. The feeding part, sewing head, and back baffle also use servo motors. When adjusting the back baffle, the operation is performed through the touch screen, which is accurate, fast and convenient. There is no need for workers to use a ruler to measure and adjust. It improves the shortcomings of ordinary sewing machines that use gears and bearings to drive the machine operation, reduces machine failures and extends the service life of the machine. This semi-automatic carton stitching machine is ideal equipment for carton factories.


Mitsubishi (or Yaskawa) double servo drive, accurate precision and effectively reduces the mechanical failure rate.

●The nail box machine adopts touch screen operation, and the parameter (nail distance, nail number, nail type, back plate) is convenient and quick to change.

●The entire control system of the nail box machine adopts the Omron PLC control system.

●All switches in the control box are produced by Taiwan Shilin.

●The bottom mold of the automatic top box machine, the blade is made of German tungsten steel (wear-resistant).

●The entire set of nail heads of the nail box machine are all made of special steel and precision processed by computer.

●The switches and buttons are all produced by Taiwan Tiande.

●Automatic wire feeding system, no wire alarm, 20kg large coil flat wire, saving time.

●Automatic lifting table (no opto-electronic devices).

●Posterior segment with automatic counting function, completes the finished product number of sheets can be directly set number (1-99), batch sent to the conveying machinery end,Convenient packaged banding.

Characteristic of Semi-automatic carton stitcher :

● The size is fully electrically controlled, and the size can be changed within 2-3 minutes.

● Simple operation without experience.

● Can be nailed single nail, double nail, reinforced nail.

● The paper feeding section automatically counts and sends out automatically after forming a bundle, which is convenient for bundling.

● Touch screen control.

● Adopt servo system.

● The nail distance can reach 120MM.

● Can be nailed with lid box and without lid box.

● The nail distance can be set directly on the touch screen.

● Can directly adjust the thickness of the cardboard.

●Semi-finished products nailing to the finished products only need two operators, The machine can operated simply.

Technical Parameter of the Semi-automatic carton stitcher:

Height of feeder900mm
Power6 HP
Speed450 stitches/min
Stitching distances30-120mm
Machine weight1700kg
Machine size (Main machine body)2.8x2.7x2 m
Number of stitching1-99 stitches

Usage of the semi-automatic carton stitcher machine:

Available for large corrugated boxes, and nail-feeding is high speed and high efficiency.
Nail distance is free adjustable, set by the computer. It can do special box without cover.