Semi-automatic carton stitcher (Single piece)



Introduction to the main components of the semi-automatic carton stitcher:

●Mitsubishi (or Yaskawa) double servo drive, accurate precision, reduced mechanical transmission parts, and effective mechanical failure rate.

●The nail box machine adopts touch screen operation, and the parameter (nail distance, nail number, nail type, back plate) is convenient and quick to change.

●The entire control system of the nail box machine adopts the Omron PLC control system.

●All switches in the control box are produced by Taiwan Shilin.

●The bottom mold of the automatic top box machine, the blade is made of German tungsten steel (wear-resistant).

●The entire set of nail heads of the nail box machine are all made of special steel and precision processed by computer.

●The switches and buttons are all produced by Taiwan Tiande.

●Automatic wire feeding system, no wire alarm, 20kg large coil flat wire, saving time.

Characteristic of Semi-automatic carton stitcher (Single piece):

● The size is fully electrically controlled, and the size can be changed within 2-3 minutes.

● Simple operation without experience.

● Can be nailed single nail, double nail, reinforced nail.

● The paper feeding section automatically counts and sends out automatically after forming a bundle, which is convenient for bundling.

● Touch screen control.

● Adopt servo system.

● The nail distance can reach 120MM.

● Can be nailed with lid box and without lid box.

● The nail distance can be set directly on the touch screen.

● Can directly adjust the thickness of the cardboard.

Technical Parameter of the Semi-automatic carton stitcher:

Height of feeder900mm
Speed450 stitches/min
Stitching pitch30-100mm
Number of stitching1-99 stitches

Usage of the semi-automatic carton stitcher machine(Single piece): Available for large cartons, and nail-feeding is high speed and high efficiency.
Nailing from is free adjustable between 30-120 mm, set by the computer. It can do special box without cover