Flexo Folder Gluer


In-line flexo folder gluers (also known as FFG), is an efficient and intelligent production line. It usually consists of one or more sets of flexo printing machines, slotting machines, die-cutting machines connected to fully automatic carton folding gluing machines, which can complete one-color or multi-color printing, corner cutting, slotting, indentation, die-cutting, gluing of corrugated cardboard and other functions, Achieve efficient and rapid production from corrugated cardboard to cartons.

Characterics of flexo folder gluer:

1. Automated production: The flexo printing inline folder gluer machine can realize the automation of the entire production process through the intelligent control system, from raw material feeding, printing, die-cutting, gluing to packing, etc., without manual intervention, greatly improving production efficiency, reducing labor costs.

2. Good stability: The flexo folder gluer adopts advanced electronic control system and mechanical structure design, which has the characteristics of good stability and low failure rate, and can ensure the safety and quality of the production process.

3. Intelligent control: The flexo printer slotter die cutter inline folder gluer adopts an advanced intelligent control system, which can adjust production according to production needs and achieve optimization and adaptation of the production line.

Technical parameter of flexo folder gluer:

Printing paperA、B、C、A/B、B/C and A/B/C type corrugated paperboard(the Max. gap is 11mm)
Max.paper size900x2000mm1200x2400mm1400x2600mm
Width of machine inside2200mm2600mm2800mm
Max.printing size900x1900mm1200x2300mm1400x2500mm
Skip feeding paper1100x2000mm1400x2400mm1600x2600mm
Min. paper sizePositive260x600mm350x680mm400x680mm
Printing plate thickness7.2mm7.2mm7.2mm
Design speed150pcs/min150pcs/min150pcs/min
Economic speed80-120pcs/min80-120pcs/min80-120pcs/min
Tinted precision2/3/4 color±0.5/±0.5/±0.75mm2/3/4 color±0.5/±0.5/±0.75mm2/3/4 color±0.5/±0.5/±0.75mm
Slotting presicion±1.5mm±1.5mm±1.5mm
Max. slotting depth7x220mm7x300mm7x350mm
Min. slot distancepositive140x140x140x140mm140x140x140x140mm140x140x140x140mm
Max. die-cutting size900x1950mm1200x2350mm1400x2550mm
Printing roller diameterΦ300mmΦ405mmΦ480mm

Usage of flexo folder gluer:

Due to the high efficiency, intelligence and stability of the carton printing linkage line, its application scenarios are very wide, and it is mainly used in the following two fields:

1. Carton printing production: The carton printing linkage line is mainly aimed at the field of carton production. It can realize the automated production of carton printing, die-cutting, gluing, packing and other links to ensure production efficiency and quality.

2. Packaging industry: The carton printing linkage line can also be used in various packaging fields, including food, medicine, electronics, daily necessities and other industries. It can quickly complete product packaging, improve production efficiency, and reduce labor costs.


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