Fully Automatic flexo printer slotter die cutter

The whole machine is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of high standard, high reliability and safety.Stable quality,Reasonable price and fast delivery.


Characteristics of Fully automatic computerized flexo printer slotter die cutter:

1. The whole flexo printer slotter die cutter machine is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of high standard, high reliability and safety.

2. Each flexo printer slotter die cutter is individually controlled by PLC, with a color touch screen, various parameter settings and displays are intuitive and clear.

3. All electrical, electronic and pneumatic parts adopt international famous brand products.

4. Choose high-quality, high-standard materials and accessories.

5. All the main transmission teeth are made of special imported materials, which are ground with high precision and durable. The gear lubrication adopts an oil pump spray system.

6. Automatically return to zero and reset.

7. It can store frequently used orders to speed up the order change operation.

8. Use keyless collar to maintain long-term use effect and high printing registration accuracy.

Parameter of Automatic computerized flexo printer slotter die cutter:

Max feeding speed(pcs/min)300250200150
Max feeding size (Length * width)(mm)2100*8802500*12002500*14502900*1750
Skip feeding size (Length * width)(mm)2100*12002500*15002500*17502900*2000
Min feeding size (Length * width)(mm)700*260700*300700*380700*450
Need to add auxiliary stripNeed to add auxiliary stripNeed to add auxiliary stripNeed to add auxiliary strip
Max printing size (Length * width)(mm)2000*8802400*12002400*14302800*1750
Standard plate thickness(mm)
Max slot width * Max depth(mm)225270300350
Min slotting size(mm)Slotting type R/mm150*150*150*150170*170*170*170170*170*170*170170*170*170*170
Slotting type L/mm230*60*230*60240*70*240*70240*70*240*70240*70*240*70
Die cutting knife height/mm25.425.425.425.4


Feed department

Feeding part of Automatic computerized flexo printer slotter die cutter:

1. Adopting three axes (four-axis), leading-edge roller to send paper, paper feeding is more accurate, and the bending board is easy to be fed;

2. Can be set to send the board to reduce the pressure of paper roll;

3. The paper can be fed continuously, interleaved or single, and the machine counter can accurately record the production quantity;

4. Take the front edge of the cardboard as the benchmark to reduce mechanical errors and make the printing and slotting positions more accurate;

5. Using frequency conversion to control the air volume and pressure to adapt to the thickness and size of the cardboard.

6. Use the touch screen to set and adjust the side baffle gap size, which is quick and easy to adjust;

7. The high-efficiency dust suction and dust removal machine can eliminate a large number of impurities on the printing surface of the cardboard and improve the printing quality;

8. The rear paper tray adopts pneumatic and electric control to move forward and backward, and adjust quickly;

9. It is equipped with a powerful cylinder main lock to make the machine run more smoothly;

10. The main engine motor starts protection device-when the machine is not locked in place, the main engine cannot be turned on.

printing department

Printing part of Automatic computerized flexo printer slotter die cutter:

1. Adopting the hanging board printing system, easy to change the plate, and equipped with a footswitch, which is convenient for hanging the board.

2. The anilox roller cooperates with the pneumatic automatic lifting device of the paper feeding system. (The anilox roller descends to contact the printing plate during paper feeding, and the anilox roller rises and separates from the printing plate when paper feeding is stopped).

3. The circumferential adjustment mechanism of the printing cylinder is made of planetary gears.

4. The printing phase adopts touch screen control and electric digital 360-degree adjustment (adjustable in running and stopped states)

5. The inking roller adopts a high-precision hard chrome wear-resistant anilox roller; ceramic anilox roller is optional.

6. The rubber roller is coated with wear-resistant rubber on the surface of steel pipe, which is specially ground for medium and high to achieve good ink transfer effect. (Optional sealed scraper system according to customer needs).

7. The printing phase fixing device adopts an electromagnetic clutch brake type brake mechanism. When the machine is separated or the phase is adjusted, the brake mechanism restricts the rotation of the machine and maintains the original fixed position of the gear.

8. The control panel is equipped with a touch screen for easy operation.

slotting department

Slotting part of Auto computerized flexo printer slotter die cutter:

1. Pressing wheels and slotting cutter axial position adjustment, a touch screen and manually adjust the preset data in two ways Adjust quickly and accurately, the production process can be preset to the next batch of order size

2. Wire wheels, wheel slot knife axial movement by double wire rod guide move smooth, accurate positioning

3. Slotted phase using servo motor, touch screen control and electric digital 360 degree adjustment Can be adjusted’), and has a reset function; and can store orders The

4. Control panel is provided with a touch screen, which can control the feeding part, the printing part and the slot part, and the operation is convenient

5. In the knife to move, can produce large two-piece carton. (selection of configuration)

6. The paper feed shaft of the cutter shaft is plated with hard chrome finish, long life and no vibration when moving

7. If the user needs to be equipped with a drilling device

die cutting department

Die cutting part of Automatic computerized flexo printer slotter die cutter:

1. Rollers with removable rubber pad design, easy disassembly, easy replacement.

2. Rollers axial back and forth about 40mm movement with hydraulic control, each turn moving adjustable, stable and reliable mobile

3. Die cutting phase inverter, touch screen control and electric digital 360 degree adjustment, can store orders.

4. Electric digital adjustment tool transverse position device, adjust the distance of a total of 16mm.

5. Controlled by PLC and touch screen cutter roller and the rubber roller gap.

6. The roll compensation of the rubber pad is driven by the servo motor, and the compensation range of the ordinary cardboard box is +3mm.

7. Rollers and a knife mold roll core is made of high-quality steel, hard chromium plating and polishing surface, balance correction, increase the running stability.

Except this type, we also have other different types of flexo printer slotter die cutter for your choice, check this for details.