2023 Corrugated Exhibition In China

2023 Corrugated Exhibition in China:2023 SinoCorrugated will be held, clients and friends need to come and visit pls check the details as below:

Details of Corrugated Exhibition In China:

Exhibition:Sino Corrugated

Held time:July 12-14, 2023

Held address:Shanghai, China National Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition scale: exhibition area of 100,000 square meters; 1200+ exhibitors; 100,000 professional visitors.

Range of exhibition:

  1. Cardboard processing equipment and spare parts
  2. Carton processing equipment and spare parts
  3. Carton processing of various industrial paper
  4. Consumables related to cardboard/carton processing
  5. Carton processing software/automation
  6. Internal logistics conveying system
  7. Testing instruments
  8. Honeycomb/pulp molding equipment
  9. Carton processing services
  10. Plant supporting equipment