Used corrugated cardboard production line


Characteristic of Used corrugated cardboard production line:

The used corrugated cardboard production line is suitable for mass automated production. The cardboard produced meets national standards, has high production efficiency, good cardboard quality, centralized control, simple operation, convenient maintenance, safe and reliable, and greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.

This Used corrugated cardboard production line adopts the latest international energy-saving method, and uses high-temperature heat transfer oil to provide the heat source for the whole machine, which saves more than 40% of energy compared with other heating methods, greatly reduces energy consumption and effectively reduces production costs. It is an economical ideal product today. Suitable for large and medium-sized carton factories.

1. The total length of the whole machine is 40-55 meters.

2.The total power of the whole machine is 55kw.

3.There are two kinds of shaft bracket and shaftless bracket for customers to choose.

4.Corrugating machine: The diameter of the corrugated roller is 240mm-320mm, and it adopts electromagnetic speed regulating motor.

5.Secondary Gluing Machine: Easy to adjust and evenly spread.

6.Drying machine: the total length is 7.8 meters, composed of 13 heating plates.

7.Shaping part: It is composed of several pairs of shaping shafts, the total length is about 3.8 meters.

8.NC cut-off machine and Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Machine: Two kinds of ultra-thin blade machine and ordinary blade machines can be selected according to user requirements, with high degree of automation and easy operation.

9.The energy consumption of boilers and coal burning is about 50 kg/hour.

10.The boiler is a pressureless and energy-saving type. The temperature of the machine rises from 0°C to the start-up temperature within 1 hour, and the oil is basically not consumed.


Remark: If the above configuration is not suitable for you, pls let me know your detailed requirement, we will suggest a suitable used corrugated cardboard production line for you.