Used carton printer slotter die cutter


Characteristic of the Used carton printer slotter die cutter:

1. Adopting advanced vacuum absorb lead edge feeding system, with stable high speed, easy operation and high accuracy.
2. 7-inch color touch screen, pre-set 200 group orders, order inquires, zero-order input, synchronous zero, the automatic/ manual adjustment of phase. Management of the parameters, up and down the plate, auto/semi-auto inking, automatic display of the
production and speed, and setting of the quantities.
3. All the drive rollers adopted high-quality steel materials, hard chromium plating and the
surface treated by lapping finish. The drive gears adopt high-quality alloy steel, after
heat treatment and lapping finish.
4. Interval of all the rollers is adjusted by high precise worm box. With three disk handle
seat, convenient and swift.
5. Motorized electric numerical adjust the Axial and vertical movement of the knife seat
and height of the carton.
6. Speed difference compensation system is equipped with Die-cutting unit Axially
conjunct moving of the cam-type soft roller is 40mm, uniform wear and tear, raise the
occupation of the gum cover, save the cost.
7. Suitable for 3/5/7 layer corrugated paperboard, as well E flute paperboard.

Technical Parameter:

Max paper sizemm900×20501200×24501600x26501800×28502200×36502500×3650
Max printing sizemm840×20001160x24001500×24001750×28002200×36002500×3600
Skipping feeding sizemm1100×20501500×24502000×24502200×28502600×36502900×3650
Max speedmm
Topping precisionPcs/min±0.5±0.5±0.5±0.5±0.5±0.5
Standard plate thicknessmm
Cardboard thicknessmm1.5-91.5-111.5-111.5-111.5-111.5-11
Max slotting depthmm230320400450560650
Min Paper sizemm280×630350×690420×730450×750550×860650×900


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