Automatic Folder Gluer Machine

The suction paper can better adapt to the curved cardboard; Adopt high-end electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake system,


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The fully automatic folder gluer machine is a mechanical device that automatically completes the processes of cardboard feeding, deflection correction, creasing, gluing, folding, pressurizing, alignment, and counting output in one go. It allows carton companies to reduce their reliance on a large number of skilled carton gluers, save working space, and improve work efficiency and product quality.

The front end of the automatic folder gluer machine can be connected to a top-print or bottom-print flexo printer slotter die-cutter machine, and the back end can be connected to an automatic strapping machine and an automatic carton stacker.

Characteristic of the Automatic folder gluer Machine

Paper Feeding part:

  1. The suction paper can better adapt to the curved cardboard;
  2. Adopt high-end electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake system, so that the paper feeding part can be controlled separately,Simple and reliable operation;
  3. The crimping wheel is adjustable, suitable for cardboard thickness of 2-8mm;
  4. The secondary indentation mechanism can perform secondary indentation on cardboard with poor indentation quality.

Folding Gluing part:

  1. The structure is simple and reliable, the amount of glue can be controlled, and the cleaning is convenient;
  2. The stainless steel rubber coating wheel is used to spread the glue uniformly, without failure, and save the amount of glue;
  3. Imported wear-resistant rubber belt is used to transport the cardboard, which is automatically folded;
  4. Cardboard straightening device and crimping straightening device;

Counting & stacking part:

  1. The principle of counting and stacking is simple and reliable.
  2. Adopting digital control, simple and reliable operation, non-stop data input, automatic counting and accurate output.
  3. With the function of correcting deviation, the deviation is adjustable.
  4. Pneumatic method is adopted for counting and pushing out, and the action is accurate and fast.

Technical Parameter:

Max Cardboard Size1000*2000mm1000*2400mm1200*2800mm
Min Cardboard Size170*45mm300*800mm300*800mm
Installation Area2400*13500mm2800*15500mm3000*15500mm
Power Required10Kw11.5Kw11.5Kw

Processable carton types:

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Automatic carton folder gluer machine